Motorola Droid RAZR receives root and custom recovery

Motorola has been known to ship phones with locked bootloaders. What does this mean for the consumer? Nothing really unless you are in the custom ROM world.  This makes a huge difference for developers trying to design custom ROMs for smartphones. Locked bootloader makes it difficult for anyone to change or modify system files, custom ROMs are called custom because they are modified system files for adding/removing features.
“nitroglycerine33” on XDA-Developers was able to create “a bootstrap recovery based off of Koush/CVPCS bootstrap for the Droid Bionic.” Bootstrap offers accessibility through the main ROM and loads into memory only after booting up. As long as your RAZR is rooted, you just need to follow four steps outlined here and your phone will boot into Clockworkmod Recovery. From there you can go nuts with flashing custom roms and using the device to its full potential.
Steps to use bootstrap:
1. Install the RazrBootstrap.apk
2. Select “Bootstrap Recovery”
3. Superuser will prompt for permissions
4. Select “Reboot Recovery”Look at the source for the required files.
Let us know how the bootstraping goes.