BlackBerry 10 Beats iPhone 5 In Webpage Loading, HTML5 and Ringmark Tests (Updated)!

(Updated December 28, 2012)

Round 1: Webpage Loading

Round 2: HTML5 and Ringmark Tests

Video Description for Round 1:

This past week, I borrowed a colleague’s iPhone 5.  With the help of another co-worker, we filmed a quick comparison video inside a meeting room.  Since the Dev Alpha B required a micro-SIM and I did not own one (only have a regular SIM) my intention was to run both smartphones from the Mobile Hotspot coming from a Bold 9900.  Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 refused to connect to the Hotspot even though the password was definitely correct (must be a bug in iOS 6).  Therefore, we improvised by having the Dev Alpha B run off Mobile Hotspot from the 9900, while the iPhone 5 was connected to the carrier.

Since both smartphones ultimately connected to the same carrier (Fido) the test is fairly accurately.  I expected the iPhone 5 to do better because the Dev Alpha B required one more step in retrieving carrier data.  However, BB 10 still came out on top.  In addition, the BB 10 OS shown is, not the latest developer release of, which is supposed to be even faster.

In the video below, we test to see whether it is faster to swap the SIM card on BB 10 or iPhone 5.

We will be conducting further tests between BlackBerry 10 and other platforms this week.  Which match-up would you like to see?  Post it in a comment below.