BlackBerry 10 App Review: WordsPlus!

After reviewing a BB 10 photo-editing app, we now take a look at a crosswords game app.  The app is free, and was designed specifically for BlackBerry 10, using the Native SDK.  Specifically, the app was coded in QML using Cascades.  The result is a simple, yet elegant crosswords game.  The game is BBM integrated, so you can easily share on your BBM status that you like WordsPlus, or that you are busy playing it.

If you like crosswords, this is one app you need to download when you get your BlackBerry Z10.

What sort of app would you like us to review next? Leave your comment below.

  • Jason I. Carter

    Hi Michael, I’m the developer of WordsPlus and I’d just like to thank you for the great review. Also, I noticed that you’re using an old version. My current release is v1.4 and not only does it have a few UI tweaks and Scoreloop leaderboard integration but also achievements and new categories. And one last thing…

    WordsPlus has now passed Built for BlackBerry certification!
    You can follow me on twitter @jasonicarter

    • Michael Li

      Thank you, Jason. I’ll be sure to check out the latest version. Feel free to embed the video on your website/blog. By the way, our YouTube channel is doing a Countdown To BB 10 show (similar to the shows that The Verge has). Would you be interested in being a guest? It just involves sharing your development experience, and you can showcase WordsPlus (or another BB 10 app you’re working on) to the world. We’re filming in Waterloo and Toronto (Burlington and Mississauga). The video would take less than 6 minutes.

  • John

    more games please