Thorsten Heins Fires Shot at Apple and Microsoft as BlackBerry Aims to Compete With Cupertino and Redmond on All Fronts

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Z10 and Q10 Edited

“This isn’t just about smartphones and tablets.  The architecture we have built is [a] true mobile computing architecture.  It’s not a downgraded PC operating system.” – BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, speaking to Reuters

In an interview in Toronto today, BlackBerry’s CEO fired a shot at iOS and Windows Phone 8/Windows RT, which are less capable versions of OS X and Windows 8, respectively.  In contrast, the QNX Neutrino OS is a full-fledged OS, whether it is running in a Bentley or Z10.  More interestingly, CMO Frank Boulben discussed BlackBerry’s plans to launch a docking station for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

“You will be able to plug the [Z10] device into a docking station at the office and then all you need is a keyboard, a mouse and a screen. Combined with cloud services this would mean you don’t need a laptop or a desktop.” – BlackBerry CMO Frank Boulben, speaking to Reuters

Although BlackBerry’s plan to create docking stations was leaked in late 2012 in the form of patent filings, it was the first time a BlackBerry executive has publicly discussed the plans.

BlackBerry Laptop Dock Patent

BlackBerry’s Docking Station Patent

BlackBerry Aims to Compete Against Apple and Microsoft on All Fronts

The CEO’s and CMO’s statements indicate that BlackBerry will not only compete in the smartphone and tablet sectors, but also against laptops and desktops.  We previously discussed BlackBerry’s docking stations in Episode 1 of The Countdown To BB 10 Show and in 6 Tech Prediction for 2013.

A BlackBerry docking station would be the biggest threat for Microsoft.  Most corporations already deploy BlackBerry smartphones.  Purchasing an additional dock to turn the smartphone into a laptop/desktop would cause companies to either purchase fewer PCs or purchase them less frequently.  For some employees, particularly those who spend significant amounts of time traveling, this solution can completely replace their laptop.

A BlackBerry dock would also be a threat to Apple.  Mac desktops and laptops are increasingly being used in the workplace.  A BlackBerry 10 smartphone combined with a dock provides much better multi-tasking abilities than iOS, with an user interface that is comparable in beauty to OS X.  In addition, the BlackBerry solution will most certainly be less expensive than an Apple laptop or desktop.

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When do you expect to see a docking station for BlackBerry 10 smartphones? Please let us know in the comments below.

  • Playbook007

    This is exactly what I am waiting for…..bye bye Windows crap!

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  • socialcarpet

    This is a meaningless statement. QNX doesn’t have any more inherent capability than any other mobile OS. The fact that it didn’t originate from an desktop OS means nothing. If anything all he has done here is remind people that Blackberry has NO ECOSYSTEM. Whereas Apple and Microsoft can leverage the synergy between their desktop OS’s and mobile OS’s. Blackberry has no such advantage.

    • espress yourself

      you have apparently no clue about qnx. the only meaningless statement here is your CAPSLOCK expression…

      • westex74

        you, apparently, have no idea how consumers choose a handset in the mobile market.

    • nate

      hahaha thanks for the good laugh!!! “QNX doesn’t have any more inherent capability than any other mobile OS” LOL!!!! go google QNX, and then compare to ios or android. I can smell your ignorance across my screen

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  • TEERap MoneyGang

    Can’t wait

  • sonbuster


  • Brad

    Due to QNX in the Z10, it could combine processing power if some low cost processors were in that dock :)

    • Michael Li

      That’s a good point!

  • John

    exciting stuff!