Why BBM Video Chat is Better than Skype and Apple’s Facetime

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BBM Video

QNX has many years of experience working with high definition and 3-Dimensional (HD-3D) audio.  Its latest CAR 2.0 Platform on a Bentley GT contains a video conferencing system with 7kHz audio.  QNX has leveraged its experience in audio when creating BBM Video for BlackBerry Z10.

Skype Provides Only Mono Audio; Audio on Facetime Described As “Garbled”

When using Skype, if two people talk at the same time, they cancel each other out and a nasty echo is created.  In addition, Skype’s audio is mono.  In fact, readers have probably noticed that from the poor quality of the audio.

Similarly, the Apple Support Communities indicate that while users like the video quality of Facetime, they find that the audio is horrible.  In fact, the word “garbled” is what Apple users often use to describe Facetime audio in the thread.

BBM Video Provides Stereo and Wide-Band Audio

In contrast, BBM Video on the Z10 provides users with stereo and wide-band audio.  I have tested having two people talk at the same time, and you can hear both people perfectly well.  In fact, the audio sounds very much like you are talking in person.  This is unlike Skype, in which two people talking at the same time results in them cancelling each other out and creating a nasty echo.

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What is your experience with the audio on Skype, Facetime and/or BBM Video.  Please let us know in the comments below.

  • Aliasgar Babat

    Hmm.. BBM app for video chat.. That’s wonderful . Alternatively, you can even use RHUB’s web conferencing servers for conducting HD video conferencing. It works well.

  • mark

    When someone speaks into a single microphone such as the all computer microphones and phones you get mono sound end of sentence. It is not possible to get stereo sound unless someone has two microphones on separate channels. Sadly an article written by a fanboy that ignores technical details.

  • GatzLoc

    Btw, they postred a fake bbm app on google play and it got 100k dls in a day.

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  • moog

    @ferganer So the quality of the service should not be mentioned because it’s a new platform? But if people don’t know how good it it is, they will not be drawn to the platform. So…what’s your point? Every product has its beginnings. Stop trolling.

    • ferganer

      And you believe people will be drawn to the platform because of the stereo sound in BBM? People will pose a very valid question “Who am I going to talk to over BBM?”, will they not?

      • http://twitter.com/hrvojeGaleb Hrvoje Kevic

        @ferganer:disqus – i’d recommend you read once again @google-2effd21135615601966cf5d5b9ae8046:disqus’s comment about a number of users. Have you had Z10 or even Dev Alpha in your hands? Have you used them? Have you developed any applications for the platform? I did, and the platform is awesome. Some of my die-hard Android and iPhone friends are switching to the BlackBerry.

        So, to answer your question from where I stand – to my wife, to my family, to my friends. And that matters the most.

      • Tb11a2b

        @ferganer you make a good point about the user base. However, I believe that the sum of the features in bb10 will go a very long way to closing that gap. So sure, at the moment it’s the BBRY community, that includes me, will be the only ones to benefit but that community will grow. Let’s just say that articles like this are for us and that between us we feel that we have it better than iOS or android users. BTW, I have experienced what the others have to offer and my z10 far and away is the better experience.

    • GatzLoc

      BBM coming to ios/droid by end of summer, bb basically 2nd place behind IOS and stealing its marketshare in Canada FAST (also everywhere beside US proly).

      So… :)

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  • ferganer

    And who exactly can you talk to over the stereo BBM audio? The biggest value of a communication service is in its user base and being-cross platform. In other words, BBM can have the best sound quality, but will still be worth nothing if you can’t really use that wonderful sound quality to talk to people you actually want to talk to.

    • Michael Li

      It’s a fair point. However, the cross-platform potential for BBM Chat is pretty big. Currently, you can already video chat with anyone who has a PlayBook. When cars get video chat abilities (http://www.thegadgetmasters.com/2013/01/10/blackberry-10-smartphones-with-3d-displays-could-be-coming-soon-ces-2013/) you will be able to video chat with them from your BB 10 smartphone (or tablet).

      • ferganer

        You clearly don’t know what cross-platform means, do you?

        So, you have about 2.5 mln BBM video chat users, most of whom are not active. And you are comparing that against what the truly cross-platform Skype has? You can’t be serious.

        Now, just to make it clear how ridiculous your comment sounds imagine Facetime with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of active users. And even Facetime is not as widely used as Skype, especially, in the corporate world. And you are talking about the 2.5 mln users.

        Again, it doesn’t matter how great the sound quality is if you only have a couple million potential users using 2-3 devices with essentially the same OS.

        It doesn’t matter how great the sound quality is if you don’t have people in your contacts using BBM.

        • Michael Li

          Before BB 10 launched, there were already 60 million active BBM users. You can already do a BBM voice chat with those 60 million people, using a Z10.

          Before iOS was launched in 2007, Apple had 0% of smartphone market share, and not a single person on the planet was using Facetime (it hadn’t even launched yet). Now, Facetime has “hundreds of millions” of active users. That was because Apple provided a differentiated and easy-to-use UI.

          I would argue that the same is happening to BB 10. In 2-3 years, you will be able to BBM Video Chat and screen share with “HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS” of BBM users. In the meantime, you can use BBM voice chat with 60 million users, and BBM Video Chat with hundreds of thousands of PlayBook users.

        • shutup

          Ferganer…I think you were wrong and MIchael Li was right. BBM CROSS-PLATFORM. Thats all I have to say

          • ferganer

            Or it is cross-platform? Since when? Or yeah, it’s “Coming Soon (c)”.

            And I hear it will not run on desktop OSs like Skype. I may be wrong of course :)

  • Playbook007

    The z10 and BBM is awesome. Skype has always been garbage and very frustrating. BBM on the z10 blows Apple Facetime away. Plain and simple.

  • veeru789

    im so jealous of u guys. im getting my Z10 on the 24th of this month when it launches in India.

    • Michael Li

      We’re getting there. It’s coming early next week.

      • veeru789

        the last bit is the hardest part…LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000160977235 Michael Schmitt

    I think BlackBerry has to point this out to the public! If nobody knows about certain features, they aren’t going to care about a platform. BlackBerry does provide good quality feedback due to QNX’s nature.

    • Michael Li

      I completely agree!

    • kcl

      I agree–most people I know rave about Skype…after reading this I see it now as rudimentary compared to BBM. Had I not read this article, however, would’ve continued thinking I was missing out not having skype….looking forward to this!

  • John

    loving the audio quality on bbm video. video quality is gorgeous too.

    • Michael Li

      Same here! Video chat is just so enjoyable to use.