BlackBerry Z10 is Crushing iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Note II in Customer Satisfaction

(Updated February 17 to add customer reviews from the UK, located near the bottom of this article)

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Z10 Telus Review Banner 3

The Z10 is receiving a score of 4.7/5.0 at Telus.

Customer satisfaction is extremely important.  In fact, it has been one of the key factors of Apple’s success in the past decade.  In the UK and Canada, customer response to the Z10 has been strongly positive.  For some measureable evidence of exactly how much customers like their new Z10, we can look at the Z10 reviews at the largest carriers in Canada.

Z10 Scoring 4.5/5.0 at Rogers, Ahead of iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Note II 

Z10 Rogers Review 2

At Rogers, one of the two largest carriers in Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 is rated 4.5/5.0 stars, with a large sample size of 122 reviews.  This is a much better score than the 16 GB iPhone 5 (3.0/5.0 stars).  Keep in mind that the iPhone outsold BlackBerry in Canada before the launch of BlackBerry 10, so hometown bias would not be a strong counter-argument.

The Z10’s score is even ahead of Samsung’s two best-selling smartphones of 2012.  The 16GB Galaxy SIII only has a score of 3.5/5.0 (37 reviews) while the Note II only received 4.0/5.0 stars (45 reviews).

Reviews at Telus Confirm Z10 Lead in Customer Satisfaction

At Telus, the evidence is even clearer, since reviews are scored to one decimal place.  The Z10 has a score of 4.7/5.0 (71 reviews).  This is far ahead of the iPhone 5, which received 3.9/5.0 (37 reviews).  Similar to the reviews on Rogers, the Z10 is also head of both the Galaxy SIII (4.6/5.0 with 90 reviews) and Note II (4.6/5.0 with 73 reviews).

Z10 is Receiving a Perfect Score in France

Z10 Review Orange

The Z10 just launched in France in the past two days, and reviews there are similarly positive.  At Orange, the Z10 has a perfect score of 5/5 (with 5 reviews).

Update: Z10 Also Ahead of iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII in the UK

Z10 Carphone Warehouse 2

The UK was the first country to launch the Z10, and customer reviews of the smartphone are similarly positive.  At Carphone Warehouse, the Z10 is receiving a score of 4.75/5.0 stars (20 reviews) which is higher than the iPhone 5’s score of 4.5/5.0 stars (229 reviews) and the Galaxy SIII’s 4.6/5.0 stars (334 reviews).

Screenshots of customer reviews for the Z10, iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Note II are in the gallery below.

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What score would you give your Z10?  Please let us know in the comments below.

  • XYZ

    My SII sucks and can’t wait to trade it in for a Q10!!!

  • Jane Whiteman

    The sample size from Car Warehouse is not enough to give an accurate assessment 20 vs 229 vs 334 reviews. The Z10 review have to reach at least over 200 hundred to be comparable. The larger the sample the better measurement of the users sentiment. I just realize it’s updated since Feb 17th. Need another update.

  • Angelo S

    Z10 rocks! I’ve had it for 3 weeks now and its just flawless! no lag whatsovever, its fast, smooth and the swiping just makes your life easier moving in and out of apps and the hub is just awesome. no comparison to other phones. you get more done with the z10 with little effort. and they keyboard, iphone and sgs3 forget about it. no comparison. the z10 eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. fast effortless typing and the predictive text is just amazing. this is a solid phone and its only 1st generation. the future of smartphones is QNX. Blackberry did the right thing to buy QNX, they were thinking for the long haul. 5 of 5 stars for the z10 is Zincredible! coming from a SGS3, laggy and slow and it has quad core as well. nowadays its not how much processor power you have under the hood, its how efficient your cores will run with the OS its running, and QNX is so efficient that is runs faster and smoother than ios and android with quad cores and the z10 only is dual core. that says alot!!!!!! QNX is the future…its a hard fact to accept for iphone and android fanboys. As the android os becomes more bigger and more complicated, its gonna need 6 cores and 6gb of ram and it will still run laggy and slow. that tells you that android os is not efficient. specs mean nothing these days, how efficient do your cores run with your os is the key element these days!

  • thatplaybookguy

    Z10 is the best phone.

  • thatplaybookguy

    buy BBRY stock now, if you don’t you’re a fool.

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  • dimple

    If Z10 is the king right now. Wait for Q10. It will make keyboard in a smart phone sexy again.

  • Flo

    Did you guys look at Sony-Xperia Z , it smokes this BB Z10 ….by any meanings …

  • Mike Dwyer

    Lol, millions of iPhones sold and millions of Gs3 and Note2s sold and only less then a hundred reviews prove the Z10 is crushing them? Yeah, we let sales talk about customer satisfaction and iPhone is winning that arguement.

  • averma

    Z10 is the best. Blackbery hats off!!!

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  • Darhl Vercaigne

    Z10 Providing sought after mobile device for VCMX

  • socialcarpet

    Wow 71 whole reviews from a Canadian carrier and 5 reviews from a French carrier.

    That’s an amazing sample size you’ve got there. Clearly it justifies the headline: “Blackberry Z10 is Crushing …. in Customer Satisifaction” Poor Apple and Samsung are being CRUSHED under the weight of those 71 Canadian Blackberry owners! LMFAO thanks for the laugh guys, I needed it.

  • WireNow

    There is no doubt that the core features of the Z10 are good. The issue I have is comparing. You simply should not compare with the likes of Apple and Android. Different ecosystems and experiences. Blackberry is setting itself up for trouble by comparing. The applications are slowly arriving and with 50k + alpha devices given out internationally, there are still a significant number of playbook and android ports. This is not a good thing. Even the replies here speak about the core application components. How’s Bloomberg for non financial professionals? How about flip board? Or pulse? I hear the times is good (paid app) and the video and movie content (paid app)? The point here is that while the core experience is good they are still behind in applications. I cannot help but feel most of the positive reviews are coming from people who are so accustomed to Apple and Android that this “new” experience has them excited for a while. The quarterly reports of BBRY will speak actual market parameters. Rather than reviews on carrier websites.

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  • Aashish Brahmbhatt

    Why don’t this phone has normal apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp on device…!!! In this competition world, how come company launch a product with such apps…

    • Kurt Windibank

      It has Skype and what’s App

    • sirjes

      in this modern world of news…how can you not know all those apps are confirmed by the respectful developers for release soon??? how can you not understand that its not blackberry keeping back the apps but the developers are responsible for creating them?

    • Mark Wright

      I’m convinced many of the popular Apps are in a contractual obligation to offer their Apps to apple and/or Android for a certain period of time…because it makes NO sense at all why the most popular apps would not be developed on BB10.

      It is actually easier to port apps on the BB10 than any other os….so, why the delay? $$$$ has to be the answer….but with the success of the z10 you would think that sooner or later the most popular apps will relent and realize their leaving too much money on the table to stay away from BB.

  • ferganer

    Nokia Lumia 920 had one of the highest ratings (and still has) upon launch. Food for thought.

    • socialcarpet

      Precisely. And there are a hell of a lot more than 71 reviews for the Lumia 920. If I came here and said the Nokia Lumia 920 CRUSHES everything in customer satisfaction based on 71 reviews from a Finnish carrier, what would the BB fan boys have to say about that? Hmmm?

      • blogpedia

        I have a Lumia 920 and it indeed is a good phone but, I don’t think I will agree with that statement. What is fair is fair and all the superlatives like “Lumia 920 crushes…” is purely an individuals opinion. BTW in the interest of full disclosure: I am long both Nokia and Blackberry – just in case you think that my opinion is tainted because of my interest.

  • Daniel Rubino

    You left off the Nokia Lumia 920, also with 4.5 out of 5 stars and 111 reviews. Seems it would be worth a mention, no?

    • Michael Li

      That’s a good point, but I was just comparing the Z10 to its entrenched competitors, to see if the Z10 has a shot of stealing market share. It wouldn’t matter whether or not Z10 can steal any of Lumia 920’s market share, since Windows Phone currently has a 3.2% market share (taking let’s say 0.5% of that is inconsequential).

  • Victor

    The more I hear companies being hacked due to ’employee bringing usb/laptop from home” the more I think BB’s biggest asset is the sandbox OS approach. It will be interesting to hear a professional’s(hacker)’ opinion about the extra security features.

  • Z10 Oreo Cookie Edition

    This phone is amazing !!! Easily a 4.9/5. And its only going to get better with OS updates !!!

  • March

    I’ve been an iphone user since it launched and now have switched to a z10 so I could bbm my son at school who has a 9900 and has been telling me for years how great communication is with a bb. I can honestly say I know I made the right decision in switching. Iphone is a solitary device, basically an ipod with a walkie talkie feature, the z10 is a powerful tool, I feel different with it, I wanna put it to work and call and bbm and email, the keyboard is incredible and the Web browser snaps open pages quicker then anything I’ve used to search the web. My daily routine with the z10 has been cut down to a third of what it used to take me to do on my iphone. Loved my iphone when I got it and have always admired steve, woz and apple when they were underdogs but let’s face it, those days are gone.

    • ct

      just curious ? why didnt you use whatsapp to message your son. instead of using BBM?

      • Playbook007

        BBM was always top notch. Now you have audio,video chat, file sharing, and screen sharing. It is blazing fast and smooth. The z10 is so fast and stable. Have one, absolutely love it.

        • Michael Li

          Same here. It’s a joy to use BBM Video for meetings. It’s a lot more convenient than going on Skype – since BBM is always on, it removes the need to log onto Skype.

          • Playbook007

            Totally agree ……and Skype can be so garbled. BBM just rocks.

          • nate

            skype being a tweaked android app does not require the headless app support coming with 10.2 and so runs in the background full-time even if you have not opened the app.

            Just a technical correction, BBM is far superior in every way. Not trying to say its in any way, shape or form better.

      • Joey

        Seriously? WhatsApp has NOTHING on BBM. At best, it tries to be a fancy text messenger. I hate WhatsApp. The UI is silly, it doesn’t have 1/10th the power of BBM for text alone, and now with voice on BBM, there is no comparison. Do your homework before making a suggestion like this. WhatsApp will NEVER be 1/2 the software that BBM was 5 years ago, let alone today.

        • Gwalachmai

          You have to admit, though, WhatsApp is kind of OK for those poor people who can’t get BBM?

  • pepe

    Fans can’t be honest, if normal people start buying this phone that rating should fall.

    • Playbook007

      Try the phone for 2 days and you would retract your uninformed statement.

      • Ryo Colt

        already try and back to android 😀

    • DK

      The reviews for other phones are NEVER uniformly positive, even when just launched and the ‘fans’ are the ones getting them.

      • Michael Li


  • Hippo

    Blackberry has a winner with the new BB10 OS. The Z10 is remarkable. The more I use it the more comfortable it gets, and that is saying alot because it was a hit right out of the box. This OS allows growth. Software updates will fuel the advancements of this new phone, as the potential of QNX is tapped.

  • RuM

    This article is bogus. Comparing initial reviews of a handset that’s only been out for weeks in key areas (UK & Canada where Blackberry is most beloved) against handsets that have been out for many months is extremely unfair. The only ones doing the reviewing are either hardcore, biased Blackberry fans or iOS/Android/WP haters simply looking for something new and shiny. If these people weren’t already in love with the phone, why would they gamble on becoming a first adopter?

    The Z10 is a nice phone but to say its crushing top contenders is silly this early in the game. And who is to say these reviews are coming form actual customers? Are comments on articles such as this made by actual, individual users as well?

    When sales of the new Blackberry 10 devices begin to surpass their competitors, then you can say that the Z10 is a crusher. Until then, investor and buyer beware. We all have yet to see concrete sales figures that can back up the statements of record-breaking sales for Blackberry.

    I just can NOT fathom a brand new platform already appearing to dominate established ecosystems especially when the hardware inside and operating system is only comparable to current, already released phones. Once the iPhone 5S/6, Galaxy S4, etc. are released, the Z10 will be far outdated in comparison to more modern specifications. Although the Q10 may be a game changed with its bar phone form factor, the release delay will be far too much a burden to become successful as many hope.

    • MXH070

      Just admit it blackberry did an excellent hardware and software

      Integration to maximize the hardware to full potential. Can’t wait

      to see the other 4 devices that will release after the Q10 in 2013.

      All of people like you scoffed at the spec’s of the Z10 on release

      calling it 2010 specs but challenge after challenge the Z10 out

      performed the best Android windows and apple had that included sammy’s quad cores.

    • Mange Schillis

      Doesn’t Apple and Droid have their harcore fans aswell? As far as I know their fanbase is even larger, look att the Telus numbers, Z10 already has more reviews than Iphone5 and slightly less than Galaxy III and higher scores that is impressive no matter how you slice it.

    • Shane Stinson

      The device rocks…period…I know, cuz I have one…pretty obvious your just a short seller placing some negative crap on anything positive that comes out.

    • Spacedog1973

      100% agree with with you. The reality is that the buyers are either the hardcore or the fanboys. There’s no other reason right now, no overwhelming reason to buy a blackberry when there are two main rivals offering hogging the biggest pieces of the pie. If the fanboys and the hardcore were enough, blackberry wouldn’t be in the trouble everyone and his dog knows they are, nor would there be a desperate need to defend this article by blackberry fans defending their chosen platform.

      On one side people want a simple phone thats easy to use yet is in some ways on par with the most powerful phones, wrapped up in a pretty shell. Apple have that market sewn up. A A seemingly overly complex swipe system will not appeal to the majority of that group.

      And on the other side we have those that want a supercomputer in their hand, want to be able to do everything that they can do on their desktop that they can do on their phone, maybe more. And then there is tweaking and trying various roms for those that always want to be on the cutting edge. For a phone that struggles to run its own OS without lags, for a phone that doesn’t have a large technically minded community, there will be minimal options for who who hate the feeling of being stuck in a way of using your phone like IOS.

      And of course windows mobile, for those perhaps tired of the same ecosystem but are not ready for any complexity. A buttonless swipefest of a buggy OS is not an alternative for that market either.

      If blackberry fans were more honest and reviewed the phone with its real faults and real pluses without the fanboy issued glasses, I think people might forget their own experiences with blackberry. People forget that when blackberry was big, a lot of us tried one. The reason its small now, is because of the experiences.

      First generation blackberry phones and their particular OS would come underpowered and all round unsatisfactory. Im not convinced thats changed with the Z10 and no amount of fanboy love will change mine and I think many others view’s until we have a far larger sample than the few beta testers that currently are locked into a couple years contract with one or those who went balls out and splashed out, naturally wanting to justify their purchases and financial commitments.

      In a month or two we will see phones that have leaped again in technology, building on very stable and sophisticated platforms and filled to the brim with specs that show how many years the z10 is behind the game.

      The z11 will have a quadcore almost guaranteed, but whether anyone will care is not so predictable.

      • Dr. Fiorelli MD

        Man you have a lot of time on your hands to defend (lomg post) a company who literally care less if you got runner over by a bus tomorrow eh? Think about it. Seriously boy!

        • Spacedog1973

          took me 5 minutes. I type fast. The reason? Too much BS by blackberry fans half of whom haven’t got one yet.

          • Ansar

            Well, only way you could have written that essay in five minutes, would be if you were using the predictive text on a Z10…I swear this thing is magical…
            And…Resistance is futile, go get a BlackBerry….I mean I just want everyone to have it so that I can have more BBM buddies, they are kind of scarce right now…:)

          • Michael Li

            Haha, nice one!

          • GORDO

            They all work for RIM… Ahhhem.. I’m sorry, Blackberry. The key with iphone is device intigration via the cloud. Huge selling point.

      • Michael Li

        I completely disagree with your statement of “First generation blackberry phones and their particular OS would come underpowered and all round unsatisfactory.” The Z10 is powered by dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait, with 2 GB of RAM. How is that “underpowered”?

        • Spacedog1973

          Its underpowered in relation to its OS

          • hurds

            spacedog: ah, what?

          • sirjes

            ^^what did i just read…u do know that its actually OVERPOWERED compared to its os right…the os doesnt even need that amount of power to perform efficiently…

          • Gyubok Baik

            you mean overpowered. S3 is underpowered compared to the amount of resource the OS requires.

      • Playbook007

        I have the Z10 and it rocks. You have not used one so whatever you have to say is not valid in the first place and second of all this phone is very fast and stable.

      • Kurt Windibank

        As an owner of an iPhone and a galaxy tablet and now a Z10 I can say that the Z10 is a far superior product ..period.

    • Playbook007

      Yes the phone is new, but it is so good its hard to believe. Until you use one, it’s hard to explain. You can’t just look at hardware. You have to consider the software and how it uses the hardware. QNX is a master of this. Look at the tests, look at its speed. It’s true the Z10 absolutely is a dream to use. And it’s just getting started. QNX powers the Internet and so many industries. Just check it out you won’t be sorry. Do your own homework, try one.

    • DK

      Please stop saying Canada is where BB is most beloved, loved, used, or anything of the sort. They are 47% iPhone, 32% Samsung, 4.5% Blackberry. Yes, it’s the country of manufacture, but Canadians are not BB sheep.

      • Playbook007

        I couldn’t agree with you more…..Canadians have a tendancy to actually be harsh critics of Canadian Companies first.

    • sirjes

      so….its fair to compare a handset with a brand new os (as was ios when with the first iphone) with other handsets os that has had years to perfect and gain attention from application developers? eg. “BB10 IS DEAD BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF APPS” OR compare it to other hardware that has been out and was being perfected???? U SIR ARE BOGUS

  • Happy

    There is NOTHING better than Z10 right now or rumored in near future from any manufacturer. it is the best device I ever held and it has best prospects among all for getting even better.

    • Kurt Windibank

      Exactly..the expandability of QnX is limitless

    • kaydpea

      i need a device that does proper push gmail. the z10 does not.

      • Michael Li

        That’s not accurate. The email on the Z10 uses true push APIs. The email on iPhone and Android are POP/IMAP and aren’t push.

      • taylor

        also it has to do with whether or not your using a paid vs free gmail account, if you are paying for your gmail then gmail supports push, if your using a free gmail, then gmail doesnt support push, no matter what gmail app you use. funny enough people comment on the z10’s lack of bis which pushes any email account/type. ive used android 4.1.2 and it was the worst email ive ever used, i never got an email on the device, i always had to refresh or check for them, my z10 doesnt matter what type of email it is. i still receive it instant, or very close(within a few minutes) something never achieved by samsungs galaxy s3 or Lg optimus g, running either Ice cream sandwich or Jellybean

        • Ryo Colt

          that because you not setting your mail correctly, I use gmail and zimbra, both work very fine, maybe you need to learn more about your devices

  • User

    I give my Z10 10/10. Excellent phone. Nice twitter, facebook. Love BlackBerry hub. Super fast. Doesn’t get slow even I loaded 100+ apps from app world. Also Browser is very powerful. I can open any complicated website without any issue. I can use even gotomeeting presentations. I don’t need my laptop. :)

    • jon

      I call bull on that, blackberry has always been slow. lets not forget it is a windows based phone so it is shipped slow and continually gets slow the more you use it

      • Tony D

        LMAO!!! A Windows based phone? Someone has no idea what they’re talking about.

        Also, this is a completely new software, totally redesigned and nothing in common with the old BlackBerry software.

      • Playbook007

        You are so not in the know. BB10 and the Z10 rocks!

      • Kurt Windibank are clueless

      • Jon is stupid.

        What’s wrong with you — your statement is 100% incorrect.

      • Michael Li

        Haha, calling it “windows based” is too funny. Maybe it’s because he got confused after seeing this video of the QNX desktop computer from the 1990’s:

      • RJ

        calling the Z10 a Windows based phone is like saying iPhone is running Android OS!
        LOL ……. #Clueless

      • kaydpea

        jon is clearly an idiot, bb is not and has never been windows based. i would assume jon uses an iphone. as most people clueless to electronics do.

      • Foonz

        Jon, you are a clueless moron. BlackBerry is not, and never has been, Windows based! The Z10 uses BB10 which is QNX, one of the most powerful OS’s in existence. Try thinking first before posting such ridiculous statements.

    • Playbook007

      You are correct….the z10 is super fast and it can handle any work load you can throw at it……I have test the multitasking crap out of this unit…..have yet to slow it down or crash it out.

  • Telvinder Singh

    The Z10 rocks! Coming from a former Iphone user!!

    • Michael Li

      Agreed. I used an iPhone 5 for two weeks, and compared to the Z10, the iPhone 5 feels like it’s a generation behind.

      • Philip

        Can we finally get this device in the US already! lol

        • Michael Li

          Haha, agreed. I’m increasingly supporting the theory that Verizon was given the privilege of being first in the US to launch, and it is holding up all the other carriers because of its slow testing. This is because there is simply no way that AT&T and T-Mobile are also this slow with their lab testing. T-Mobile seems ready to go, even in early Feb.

  • Stephen

    I give my Z10 4.8/5