Why BlackBerry Z10 is a Much Better Deal than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S

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As indicated in the video above, the Z10 is priced at $599 in the US and Canada.  This is $50 less than the $649 price tag of the iPhone 5 in the US, and a whooping $100 less than its $699 price in Canada.  More importantly, the Z10 has a expandable microSD card slot, which allows you to insert up to a 64GB card.

Upgrading iPhone 5 to 32GB is 5 Times as Expensive as Z10

As explained in the video above, I purchased a 16GB SanDisk Ultra (Class 10) card for only $19.  This allowed me to upgrade my Z10 to a 32GB smartphone.  In comparison, since the iPhone 5 does not have a microSD card slot, it costs $100 to upgrade to the 32GB version.  This is 5 times as expensive as doing the same thing on the Z10.

Upgrading iPhone 5 to 64GB is 3 Times as Expensive as Upgrading Z10 to 80GB

In addition, Z10 owners can purchase a 64GB microSD card (for $60 in my area).  This gives your Z10 a total of 80GB of storage (16 + 64).  In comparison, it costs $200 to upgrade to the 64GB version of the iPhone 5.  Thus, doing so is more than 3 times as expensive on the iPhone.  In addition, with a 64GB card, the Z10 has 80GB of storage, which is 16GB more than the iPhone 5’s 64GB.

Z10 Has a Maximum of 130GB of Storage

Z10 users also get 50GB of storage for free from Box.  With a 16 GB microSD card, my total storage was 82 GB (16 + 16 + 50).  If you have a 64GB card, the total storage of the Z10 becomes a whooping 130GB!

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What sort of reviews or walkthroughs would you like to see on the white Z10?  Please let us know in the comments below.