Apple’s iPhone 5 Gets Rare Price Drop in Response to BlackBerry Z10 Stealing iPhone Users

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iPhone 5 Rogers Price Cut

A banner on Rogers’ website featuring the iPhone 5’s reduced price.

The BlackBerry Z10 launched in India on February 27, and in response to strong demand of the new smartphone, the iPhone 5 has undergone a rare price cut.  Its price has decreased from Rs 45,500 to Rs 42,990.  The new price makes the iPhone 5 cheaper than the Z10, which retails for Rs 43,490.  In addition, it is the first time the price of the iPhone has been lowered in India.

In Canada, the iPhone 5 has undergone a simultaneous price drop at all three major carriers – Rogers, Bell and Telus.  The new price is now $99 with a 3-year contract, which is a price drop of 45% ($80) from the original price of $179.  This new price also makes it cheaper than the Z10, which retails for $149 with a contract.

In the U.S., where the Z10 is not yet available, the iPhone 5 has not undergone a price cut. At AT&T, the price remains at $199 on a 2-year contract.

Apple is a company that rarely competes on price.  This price drop reveals the competition that the iPhone 5 has been facing, and the revelation that between 33% to 50% of BlackBerry Z10 buyers are former Android and iPhone users.

Screenshots of the price drops at Snapdeal, Rogers and Bell, as well as the price at AT&T are in the picture gallery below.

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Have you seen other examples of the iPhone 5 or other iPhone models undergoing a price cut recently?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Shefiu

    The pic shows 43999INR, which is still more expensive (though slightly) than the Z10 and this is on an online retailer as opposed to carriers in India…

  • coolheat

    Apple can’t even give their garbage away. They had to dump the iPhone on the suckers at the home depot. Who else do you think will take them? Korea? I don’t think so.

  • sam_cooool

    No surprise there, if Apple management gets their hands on the new Z10, thet’ll be dropping the price of an i Phone much farther.

  • greendrawer

    Interesting. But also makes me wonder about an iPhone update. (as prices usually do drop prior to an Apple product refresh)

    • coolheat

      LOL. Update? Yeah….they will make their back cover out of plastic. That is their update.

  • Wayne

    apple is getting desperate