Review: Instagram on BlackBerry Z10!

In this video, we review what is perhaps the most talked-about app on BlackBerry 10 – Instagram.  This is the Android Gingerbread version (Android 2.3.3).  Like other Android apps, it runs perfectly well on the Z10.

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What other app reviews would you like to see on the Z10?  Please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Josh

    is instagram in the bb z10 app world?

    • Ann-Louise Winter

      No, but you can download it from then sideload it using DDPB (make sure you have the latest version). If you have never registered with Instagram before, use an Android or iOS device to register or search “how to register for Instagram using your PC”. Make sure you link Instagram to Facebook or it won’t work (see below). It works on my Z10 – thumbs down to Instagram for making us work for it. :(

  • h.mandni

    doesn’t work anymore

    • Ann-Louise Winter

      To get it working, assuming you are already registered with Instagram, just click “forgot password” and log in with Facebook. If you didn’t link Facebook before, then you’ll have to grab someone’s Android or iOS device, link Facebook to your Instagram, then do the above step on your Z10. CrackBerry has more detailed directions. :)

  • Ibidun Adegbenjo

    Where do I download the Android Gingerbread from to be able to get instagram?

    • Michael Li

      The Android Runtime is already inside the BB 10 OS.

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  • Gabisile Mchunu

    Is Whatsapp available for the z10?

    • Michael Li

      Not yet. I’m hoping it launches this week or next week, since the US launch is happening.

  • McMayii

    makes z!0 more desirable

    • Michael Li


  • NerdBoss

    Sweet! Love the app

    • Michael Li

      Same here!