BBM vs Whatsapp: Why BBM is At Least 3 Years Ahead

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In this video, we review the newly-released Whatsapp on the BlackBerry Z10.  While this native app works very well, Whatsapp lacks many of the features that BBM now has, including BBM Voice and BBM Video with Screen Share.  BBM is also much more visually appealing, with larger profile pictures and a grid view of your contacts’ display pictures.

While Whatsapp is free to download, it will require a $0.99/year payment after the one-year trial expires.  This is the same as the Android version.

Overall, Whatsapp feels like BBM from at least 3 years ago, on BlackBerry OS 4.6.  I think hard-core BlackBerry users are looking forward to an update to BBM that allows users to add text message contacts to BBM.  This feature was available on BBM for OS 7.1 and older.  With this feature, you would be able to use BBM to message Android and iPhone users.

What do you think of Whatsapp?  Please let us know in the comments below.

  • Justin

    Whatsapp looks so much better on iOS.

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  • Aniello Del Sorbo

    Whatsapp is multiplatform. BBM is not. Open it up and then you can kill Whatsapp. Until then, is like saying Facetime/iMessage is better than Whatsapp.

    • Gyubok Baik

      WhatsApp is crossplatform and BBM is not, we all know that already. That’s not what the video is trying to compare. With the new BBM and the new WhatsApp on the new BB10 platform, the video was trying to compare its features – I think it is fair to conclude that BBM is way ahead of WhatsApp in that sense. Yes, being a crossplatform messaging app is extremely huge advantage but again, it’s not what the video seem to be about.

      If WhatsApp was pitted against iMessage/FaceTime, I would agree iMessage/FaceTime is way ahead of WhatsApp in terms of features. What will be interesting is the feature comparison of the new BBM and the iMessage/FaceTime

      • Michael Li

        Thanks and agreed. That just gave me an idea – a video showing BBM vs iMessage/FaceTime.

    • Michael Li

      With OS 7.1 and prior, you can add text message contacts to BBM, so that you can send and receive messages from Android and iPhone users. This turns BBM into a cross-platform messaging app. Of course, messaging Android and iPhone users gives you far less functionality than with other BBM users. This feature is not yet available on BB 10.

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  • Stephen

    bbm is so much better with video