The Z10 is a Smash Hit in BlackBerry’s Biggest Asian Market – Indonesia (Update)

(Updated at 12:55am on March 19, to include sales numbers from Reuters)

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Z10 Indonesia Launch

Indonesia is currently BlackBerry’s largest market in Asia, and the country represents an estimated 7% of BlackBerry’s total subscribers.  Following the Z10’s success in other countries, it appears the smartphone is recording equally-impressive sales in Indonesia.

The Z10 went on sale on March 15th.  According to Indonesian news website detik, 7,000 Z10s have already been sold so far.  This is despite the fact that the Z10 sells for US$722 in the country.  In terms of pre-orders, local carrier XL stated that Z10 pre-orders exceeded the amount of pre-order stock it had available. Telkomsel received the most pre-orders, with more than 3,000. Indosat and XL Axiata each received more than 1,000 pre-orders.

Update: Indonesian Retailer Erajaya Has Sold Almost 19,000 Z10 Smartphones

According to an Equity Research report published today by Australian investment bank Macquarie, “Leading retailer Erajaya has already sold almost all of its 19,000 units allocated and is trying to secure additional stock.”  In addition, Macquarie stated that from industry feedback, initial reaction to the Z10 has been strong.  The investment bank expects sales of 100,000 Z10s over the next 6 months.

Via: TechInAsia; Source: detik

Source 2: Reuters

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  • Angelo S

    Impressive to say the least. Blackberry will release numbers March 28, i think most people will be shocked how many z10’s Blackberry sold.

  • veeru789

    at that price selling out in indonesia and India is a huge thing. shows how relevant the brand is even after all the negative press.

  • John

    Impressive numbers