BlackBerry 10 Can Run iOS Apps Using iOS App Player

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Update: See The Story Behind iOS App Player on BlackBerry 10

According to a source with knowledge of the matter, BlackBerry 10 smartphones can run iOS apps using an iOS App Player.  In fact, one such iOS app available on BlackBerry World is Reebee.  The source indicates that Reebee on BlackBerry 10 is written in Objective-C.  The pictures below of Reebee running on a BlackBerry Z10 show that the transition animations are clearly from iOS.


The spinning wheel animation in Reebee is from iOS.

The iOS App Player was developed by Inception Mobile, a start-up in stealth mode that is part of Communitech’s HyperDrive accelerator program.  The company helped Reebee Inc bring Reebee to BlackBerry World.  The source reveals that Inception Mobile was able to run 50-100 of the top iOS games on BlackBerry 10, and that he has personally seen Temple Run running on a BB 10 smartphone.


Another view of the iOS spinning wheel animation in Reebee, running on a BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry 10 Could Get Hundreds of Thousands of iOS Apps

BlackBerry 10 already runs Android apps using an Android Runtime.  BlackBerry 10.2 will be supporting the latest version of Android Jellybean (Android 4.2.2), which will allow BB 10 smartphones to run the latest version of Android apps.  The existence of this iOS App Player means that hundreds of thousands of iOS apps could be coming to BlackBerry 10 (in addition to BB 10 and Android apps).

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  • Nusir

    its a shame that I cant download this! :(
    the reason Blackberry duck is due to the apps. no one wants to make them, I bought the Z10 the week is was released and although the hardware is nice, I have regretted it since.

  • Jared Allister

    Ever heard of that thing called a lawsuit, if a single iOS app pops is loaded on to a blackberry 10 emulator, Apple would have the developers in court by the end of the hour

  • Steve b

    So what this really means is that developers have less reason to develop apps specific for BB10. Why bother wasting the time when a side loaded Android or iOS app will do the work for you.
    Expect apps that don’t work completely/correctly and/or don’t display correct through this method. This may seem like a good thing on the surface but as a whole RIM need to push developers to develop not allow side loading to cause a bad experience.

    • PhilipK

      Not necessarily Songza is making a native app only because they were able to get their foot in the door with an Android port.

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  • Miked

    Amazing!!! one phone combines IOS,and Android!

  • Vince B

    Is that spinning wheel animation unique to apple looks familiar and I don’t have apple products

  • veeru789

    The power of QNX is amazing. I cant wait to see what BlackBerry has to show in the future. dumb screens every and the power of mobile computing in your hand – a BB10 device. this is the future.