BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Outselling Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Korea

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BlackBerry Expansys South Korea

The South Korean page of global online electronics retailer Expansys, showing that the Z10 and Q10 are the #1 and #2 selling smartphones in South Korea, respectively. The Galaxy S4 is #17.

South Korea is where Samsung was founded and where it is headquartered.  Thus, Samsung smartphones have long enjoyed loyalty among South Korean consumers.  However, according to leading online retailer Expansys, the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are currently outselling the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega 6.3 and Galaxy S4 Mini in South Korea.

In fact, the BlackBerry Z10 is the number 1 selling smartphone in South Korea, while the BlackBerry Q10 is at number 2.  Although the Galaxy Mega 6.3 is close behind at number 3, the Galaxy S4 is trailing as a distant number 17.

This is consistent with our previous observations that BlackBerry 10 smartphones are selling well outside the U.S.

Source: Expansys

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What do you think about BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 outselling Galaxy smartphones in Samsung’s home country of South Korea?  Please let us know in the comments below.

  • Waka

    Hahaha what is this? Oh god thanks for the laughs Michael. Why do you always post stuff that are not true? BlackBerry market share increasing yada yada. I love my Z10 and all but you post a lot of exaggerated and false stuff. So much for being gadgetmasters. The only thing you’re a master at is a master of deception. Go BlackBerry but this site is a joke. Don’t post stuff to get fans’ hopes up. Make sure it’s true.

  • steve b

    and now on 8/12 the site is update to show the Z10 as number 1, XperiaZ is 2, Mega6.3 is 3. Looks like the Q10 lost its number 2 spot. In fact, the Q10 isn’t even in the top 20 anymore. Interesting.
    Also, how big is the market in SK for cell phones? I know the point is talking about how Samsung is HQ’d in SK and BB is beating them in sales, but in real markets, BB isn’t winning.
    Current of a BB phone in big countries.
    USA – Z10 11th
    Japan – not ranked at all
    China – Q5 2nd
    Brazil – Curve (LOL!) – 19th!
    Canada (BB HQ) – not ranked at all (LOL!)
    Mexico – not ranked at all
    India – Q10 – 3rd

    So yeah.

    • ferganer

      Tomorrow, it will be yet another phone that will outsell all other phones in the ENTIRE country of South Korea. LMAO.

  • postguard

    Korean are notoriously loyal to the Samsung brand. For BBRY to pull this off is no small feat! The author said it is “currently” outselling the GS4. Not that the total number sold is more than GS4. This means the current selling trend. I don’t see what’s wrong. It is rather the nay sayer are prejudice against any bullish sentiment on BBRY given the poor earning report.

    • Michael Li

      Thanks! Agreed. I think it would be fair to say that South Koreans are more loyal to Samsung than Canadians are to BlackBerry. This makes the data point even more interesting.

    • ferganer

      You don’t see what’s wrong? The author said “currently” outselling the GS4 in South Korea based on Expansys best selling listing alone. Expansys sells a tiny fraction of all phones in South Korea. That’s what’s wrong.

      It’s just like me saying product X is “currently” outselling other products in my local store, therefore, I conclude that it is outselling all other products in the entire United States. See what’s wrong? Generalizability is.

      • Michael Li

        The Z10 and Q10 were outselling the Galaxy S4 (and other Galaxy models) in South Korea. That is what the Expansys webpage said.

        • Steve B

          but not as of today…only the Z10 is technically outselling the S4….Q10 isn’t even listed on the top 20 at all.

        • ferganer

          Then, your article title should be: “BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Outselling Samsung Galaxy S4 on Expansys South Korea Website”

      • Playbook007

        Hey Ferganer…..glad to see you spicing up this site. Yes Michael likes to find the silver liner for BB in everything he reads….But please be fair and announce to the people that you are a die hard BB hater. You must be paid full time to seek out any news on BB and hate on them……so your entries are just as bad as his at the other end of the spectrum….PS….my z10 is performing flawlessly day in and out on the new BB10 platform…..the employees at work also are really enjoying having such a great reliable BB device….No matter how much you hate, you cannot change that reality.

        • ferganer

          Hey Playbook007.

          I see you missed other commenters here critical of what’s written in the article? It’s not a personal vendetta that you chose to single me out, is it? 😉 Are you not happy about the fact that my predictions have come true and your unfounded rose-colored-glass expectations haven’t? 😉

          In any case, your accusations don’t look quite credible (they actually look laughable) given it’s you who keep concluding almost every comment of yours with a line similar to this: “my z10 is performing flawlessly day in and out on the new BB10 platform…..the employees at work also are really enjoying having such a great reliable BB device….” Really sounds like an ad.

          • Playbook007

            No personal vendetta here. Rose coloured glasses? Don’t own a pair. I state the truth that my z10 works flawlessly and BB10 is a fantastic platform and trust me I don’t state that as much as you follow and hate on BlackBerry. Just would like you state your one sided intentions also. That’s it!

    • timbo44

      Just as we presume Canadians are loyal to Blackberrys which are by far the safest and most secure given the amount of daily news items of hacking and hijacking of other OS’s which occurs, well, daily. Whether its the revelation that the NSA, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are in cahoots, or the lack of concern with privacy issues exhibited by young Americans who all seem to be of the opinion that, “Well, if it makes me *feel* safer, then I don’t care who’s reading my email’, Blackberry’s reputation seems to be slowly gathering steam.

      Anyhoozle, one item that came to my attention recently was a friend had a mishap with his iPhone and instead of getting a new one he simply took his wife’s old Blackberry and ported his number over, and she went out and got a new Apple (they are both AAPL and BBRY shareholders). he showed me the phone briefly and I axed him what model it was or how old and he didn’t know the answer to either question, all we knew was that it was a Blackberry. My point is that Blackberry users become attached to their phone and are unwilling – yet – to trade them in on a new one. I’m waiting until Christmas time to get a new Aristo, or A30, or Q15 or whatever the nom du jour is. Hopefully the holidays will cause an uptick in business for Blacjberry.

  • Frank

    I interesting fact also on the 2nd tab it says the the Q5 is launching this week!

    • Michael Li

      Ya things should only improve for BlackBerry as the Q5 is launched in additional countries.

  • Texazzpete

    Does this guy get paid for posting this tripe?
    Thanks for making me laugh today, Michael Li

  • Charles Knight

    Michael – thanks for the laughs!

  • ferganer

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember how the Q10/Z10 were outselling the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, and all other phones in the United Kingdom and France just a couple months ago. Just before the official earnings report and analyst marketshare reports indicating how poor the sales actually were.

    Mr. Li, it’s time for you to stop posting this nonsense. Even if you are long BBRY, nobody believes the kool-aid inspired stuff you post. So, the effect on the stock market is 0.

    • Michael Li

      Click on the link to the source (Expansys) and you can see for yourself. If you decide not to “believe” something even if it’s staring right at you, then that is your problem.

      • ferganer

        Mr. Li, your qualifications seem quite impressive (rocket scientist, MBA candidate, CFA level 2), but somehow such an intelligent person seems to continuously overgeneralize anecdotal and small sample evidence and make conclusions such as this:

        “BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Outselling Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Korea”

        Worst of all, you keep doing this even after numerous times you are proven wrong.

        Are you sure you are a scientist? Because what you write doesn’t have s a slightest hint of scientific approach.

        • Michael Li

          Individual data points I have posted about (e.g. BB10 sales in Canada and the UK) have always been accurate. Conclusions that you decide to make based on these data points are your decision.

          The fact is BB10 sales have been strong in many regions, but have been offset by weak sales in the US. However, this does not change the fact that sales have been strong in certain regions (e.g. Canada and the UK).

          • ferganer

            Let’s see. Great Britain smartphone sales in the quarter ending in June 2013 according to Kantar :

            Android – 56.2%
            iOS – 30.5%
            WP – 8.6%
            BlackBerry (includes legacy BB7 devices) – 4.1%

            Yep, BB10 definitely outsold the iPhone and GS4.

          • Michael Li

            I find Kantar Worldpanel to be far less accurate than IDC or ComScore. I’ve never written that BB10 is outselling the iPhone or GS4 in the UK per say.

            This is the one I wrote about BlackBerry’s market share in the UK:

          • ferganer

            I can’t seem to find IDC country specific data, but from their most recent report I see that BBRY (majority of which was BB7 devices) only sold 2.87% of all smartphones. If you consider only third of them to be BB10 devices, BB10 was less than 1% of total sales.

            I am not sure how you arrive at yet another conclusion that “BB10 sales have been strong in many regions, but have been offset by weak sales in the US”.

          • jhon

            wow, don’t find kantar report accurate, but trust the data only come from one retailer expansys, but hey make it a big deal..and make an article that BB out selling samsung in south korea

            what a great journalist !! (sarcasm)

          • Michael Li

            StatCounter is far more transparent with their data than Kantar Worldpanel. On the StatCounter website, you can change settings to produce graphs for different time periods and for different countries.

            Expansys is one the largest online electronics retailers. According to Wikipedia, it sells over 30,000 products to customers in 115 countries. Its websites get over 2 million visits per month, and operates in 16 languages.

          • ferganer

            Oh, Thanks for the link to your other articles. I invite you to go to the reliable source you used for these articles (StatCounter) and explain how the 20% marketshare became a 7% marketshare in a matter of weeks. Waiting for your insightful explanation :)

  • JoeBob

    Why do people even read this tripe. Have you ever posted anything negative about BlackBerry?

    • Peter

      Please note that this is for a 1 week period, so it could be accurate. However, I am bullish on Blackberry and still find this a bit of a stretch.

      • ferganer

        It could be accurate for Expansys, but saying that BB10 phones are outselling all other phones in all of Korea is much more than “a bit of a stretch”.

        • Michael Li

          I didn’t say “all of Korea”. Only South Korea.

          • ferganer

            Lol. You amuse me more and more. Of course, all of South Korea. Do you really think that when people mention Expansys sales in “all of Korea” they include DPRK?

            Anyway, your reasoning and logical inference is just amazing. Expansys lists a phone as best selling (on their site) and you conclude that it outsells other phones in all of SOUTH Korea? Oh boy. Rocket science. What do you do to people?

          • Michael Li

            Calling South Korea “all of Korea” is geographically and technically incorrect. As someone accusing others of “generalizations”, you’re clearly incorrectly generalizing.

            Smartphones are becoming ever more affordable. In fact, many people in Africa own smartphones. To assume that people in North Korea do not own smartphones because of their lower standard of living would be another generalization.

          • steve b

            Well, there has been stories recently about North Korea finally getting a smartphone. The first smartphone in the country, specifically created by the government to help placate the masses into no smuggling other smartphones across the border…and guess what it isnt a BB.

          • ferganer

            Lol. You clearly cannot read:

            “Do you really think that when people mention Expansys sales in “all of Korea” they include DPRK?”

            Does Expansys have any business in DPRK?

            I just thought the fact that Expansys does not sell in North Korea automatically rules out DPRK.

            But nice try anyway. Try harder next time.

    • ferganer

      No need for negative. How about objective for a starter?