Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs. Apple MacBook Air vs. Samsung ATIV Book [Specs Comparison]


Microsoft has just announced the Surface Pro 2, a laptop that is also a tablet. The Surface Pro 2 is a successor to the Surface Pro released last year. The Surface Pro 2 brings some key improvements including the latest Intel® Haswell processor running Windows 8.1.  In addition, the new laptop/tablet will also feature a dual-angle Kickstand and optional docking station for your work. The competitors have also released their products for providing productivity in a compact form. The Samsung ATIV Book and Apple MacBook Air both promise a light weight laptop that is capable of performing your every day task.

The key difference between the three models listed below is that Microsoft is promising powerful performance with a great battery life in a tablet form factor thanks to the Intel i5 Haswell processor. There are few other areas where the Surface Pro 2 has the upper hand including higher storage capacity, rear facing camera, as well as smaller and a lighter body. Microsoft is also introducing the new dual-angle Kickstand which allows you work comfortably with Surface on your desk or in your lap. The Pro Pen with palm-blocking technology lets you draw, take notes, and mark up documents.


To make your purchasing decision easier, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 will come with 1 year of unlimited free voice calling to landlines in over 60 countries using Skype. You also get 200 GB of additional SkyDrive storage for 2 years when you buy a Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 2 is available to pre-order via Microsoft with prices starting at $899.

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  • These guys suck

    Sponsored by microsoft. Even then they couldnt get this article right.

  • lol

    Wow, there is so much wrong with this article I dont even know where to start.
    -The Surface has an 11′ inch display, so compare it to 11′ competitors
    -With Smart Cover, Surface weights more than 1,1 kg which is *heavier* than the Macbook Air 11′
    -No mention of build- and input quality: Block of aluminium meets block of plastic, Keyboard and Trackpad of the Macbook Air is superior to the Surface click-on cover
    -Instead you talk about rear camera, a feature noone wanted in a laptop ever (you’re comparing laptops here, so try to choose categories that are relevant in laptios)
    -Same goes for “tablet” category, the iPad is the better tablet in every way, why settle for this 50/50 solution that fails in both categories
    -The Smart Cover shown in the heading picture adds 129$ to the Surface price, making it more expensive than the Macbook Air entry model ($999 vs $1028)

    • lol again

      Also you forgot to do your research properly, the MacBook Air holds up to 512 GB SSD.
      So yeah, you nicely picked specs and models to make the Surface win, but once you do a *proper* comparison, the Macbook Air blows the competition out of the water. Just try to make your bias less obvious in the future and maybe you will become a tech journalist one day instead of just a raging fanboy with a WordPress account.

      • Steve b

        You must not have been around here much. But this kind of thing is typical on this site. The blatant apple hate is prevalent.

        • Triple lol

          For apple lovers, head on to Cnet.

      • BiasFighter

        There is Touch Cover, Type Cover, and Power Cover. There is no smart cover. It seems like you are trying to show Air as the superior product by comparing it with Type Cover from the picture, which adds more weight and price to the overall package. The article never mentioned anything about touch or type so why are you just picking the type cover to make your point. Bias is a funny thing. Sometimes people show a clear bias in their comments.

        Good point about 11-inch display but I don’t think the Samsung comes in 11-inch. There are thousands of competitors so you have to pick products that are somewhat popular and exciting.

        Also $999 Air comes in 128GB storage. So your point about price point and then 512GB SSD doesn’t really work well for MacBook Air.