Jan 20

Audi’s Self-Driving Car: future of valet parking? [Best of CES 2013, Auto Tech]

The concept of a self-driving car or an autonomous vehicle revolves around the idea of sensing the environment and navigating without human input.  There are many tech gadgets that allow the sensing of the environment including radar, lasers, WiFi, GPS, … Continue reading

Jan 16

Samsung 85-inch 4K Easel TV, UN85S9 [Best of CES 2013, TV]

Samsung announced a 85-inch ultra high definition 4K TV, the largest!  Samsung is coming out with this TV in march 2013.One of the key differences of this TV is that it has a full array backlight around the back, which … Continue reading

Jan 10

Flexible display TVs and Smartphone! Is this the Future of Screens? [CES 2013]

With the introduction of next generation of 4K resolution TVs, one can only wonder about what the future holds for screen technology.  There are many technologies involved in creating a flexible display that can be folded, rolled or retracted. Display … Continue reading

Jan 10

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones With 3D Displays Could Be Coming Soon [CES 2013]

QNX Bentley

Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems, sat down with CrackBerry for a walkthrough of the QNX-powered Bentley at CES.  The 11-minute video is a joy to watch, given the visually stunning 17″ 1080p display. At the 3:43 mark in … Continue reading