Jan 03

BlackBerry Priv and Android boost BlackBerry stock prices

PRIV by BlackBerry

With its new Priv smartphone, BlackBerry is trying to be relevant again. The new keyboard-toting $699 Android phone received plenty of praising reviews for BlackBerry, which hasn’t happened in a long time to say the least. BlackBerry has set a goal of … Continue reading

Apr 21

Easily Manage All Your Projects With One Tool


Each project is unique. Each project has its own risks. How much risk depends on the uniqueness and size of uncertainties present within the project. Experienced managers know that every project is likely to change under the influence of risks … Continue reading

Mar 17

The Apple Watch: Is it worth the money?


Apple was originally all about making great technology, as well as creating devices that could perform and make life easier for their users. Yet the current market has witnessed the Apple brand lean towards making their products more versatile, and … Continue reading

Nov 14

BlackBerry Passport Review


The Canadian smartphone maker, BlackBerry’s latest smartphone is the BlackBerry Passport. The Passport is certainly not what anyone would expect in a smartphone. It sports a square screen complemented by an unusual three row keyboard. Codenamed BlackBerry “Windermere”, the first … Continue reading

Nov 14

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4 vs Nexus 6: Specs Comparison


Its the era of phablets. For years, Apple has been denying the popularity of bigger screens. Thanks to popularity of Samsung Note series Apple has officially entered into the phablet category of products with the iPhone 6 Plus. It seems to … Continue reading

Nov 13

The Dream Smartphone, what’s yours?


We have seen so many flagship smartphones in 2014 but each one just seems to miss out on something. It’s very hard to get that perfect smartphone. Oneplus tried to address that with their flagship killer, The Oneplus One, however … Continue reading

Nov 11

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Top 10 exciting features


Android 5.0 codenamed Lollipop is designed to run across all kinds of screens including phones, tablets, TVs, and even cars. Android 5.0 offers “one consistent design language flexible enough to span devices across mobile, desktop, and beyond…When you think about mobile, … Continue reading

Nov 03

Apple iPad Air vs iPad mini with Retina Display


Apple has introduced two new iPads in 2013. The iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display. The new iPads feature the 64-bit processors, newly-designed iOS 7, Wi-Fi and expanded LTE cellular connectivity. If you are confused about which one to buy … Continue reading

Oct 14

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One Max [Specs Comparison]


With 5.5-inch+ devices coming out faster than ever, the phablet race is on full force. HTC recently announced the One Max, which is a 5.9-inch device that joined the One family of devices from HTC. Samsung has been ruling the … Continue reading

Oct 09

Samsung Galaxy Round: Its the Galaxy Note 3 with Curved Display


Samsung announced the first smartphone with a Curved OLED display, the Samsung GALAXY ROUND. The smartphone features Super AMOLED HD flexible display that is concaved vertically. The display is a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, which is the exact screen size of … Continue reading

Sep 18

BlackBerry Z30: Biggest, Fastest and Most Advanced BlackBerry (Specs and Features)


Today, BlackBerry announced the new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone. BlackBerry is touting three main features of the Z30, which include: Stunning 5” display, Unique BlackBerry® Natural Sound technology, and Up to 25 hours of battery life. In addition to the above features, the BlackBerry Z30 … Continue reading

Sep 11

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD: Leaked Pictures Show 7-inch and 8.9-inch Tablets Completely Redesigned

KindleFire hd

Last year, Amazon announced new Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire HD tablets for reading and entertainment, respectively.   Amazon is providing these tablets at very cheap prices ($199 for Kindle Fire HD) in hopes of making profits from the services that customers will eventually … Continue reading