Sep 18

BlackBerry Z30: Biggest, Fastest and Most Advanced BlackBerry (Specs and Features)


Today, BlackBerry announced the new BlackBerry Z30 smartphone. BlackBerry is touting three main features of the Z30, which include: Stunning 5” display, Unique BlackBerry® Natural Sound technology, and Up to 25 hours of battery life. In addition to the above features, the BlackBerry Z30 … Continue reading

Sep 06

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga and Yoga 2 Pro: The Best Laptops in Town (Specs)


Lenovo has come out swinging with its shape-shifting laptops at IFA 2013 in Berlin. The two main laptop products are the all new ThinkPad Yoga and the Yoga 2 Pro as an upgrade to the original Yoga. The Yoga laptops … Continue reading

Sep 02

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse for Macbook (T631) and Ultrabook (T630)


Logitechprovides all sort of personal computer accessories but it is famous for its high quality computer mice products. Many people still prefer to have a mouse for navigation purposes around your computer. So if the trackpad is too limiting for … Continue reading

Jul 03

Why Voice Control on BlackBerry 10 is Just As Good As Siri on iOS

BB10 Voice Control

The most highlighted features on BlackBerry 10 are often the Hub, industry-leading browser, Active Frames and TimeShift Camera.  However, while Voice Control on BB 10 is not often emphasized, it is a surprisingly capable app.  I remember demoing Voice Control … Continue reading

Jun 27

My Favourite Music App: Slacker Radio on BlackBerry 10

Slacker Radio

For the past 3 months, Slacker Radio has been my favourite music app on the BlackBerry Z10.  I also have other many music apps installed on my Z10, including Songza, Deezer, TuneIn Radio and Nobex.  Slacker Radio has been my … Continue reading

Jun 25

Blazing Fast Music Recognition: SoundHound on BlackBerry 10


SoundHound is a free music recognition app that just arrived on BlackBerry 10 earlier this month, on June 5.  It can identify a song if one is playing in the background, and even if you are singing or humming the … Continue reading

Jun 19

BlackBerry Uploads Q5 Tutorials Weeks in Advance to Mitigate Potential Confusion

Q5 Red

BlackBerry typically uploads tutorials for a new smartphone the same day or week that it is launched.  For the Q5, BlackBerry has uploaded the videos yesterday, weeks before the launch.  This was likely done so that potential buyers become familiar … Continue reading

Jun 17

BlackBerry 10 Users Can Pay Less for Apps than Android and iPhone Users

NOVA 3 Google Play

BlackBerry PlayBook users probably recall paying more than Android and iOS users for apps.  In fact, high-quality games were often priced at $6.99, with many apps priced at $2.99 and $1.99.  I paid $6.99 for Spider-Man Total Mayhem HD, before … Continue reading

Jun 09

Review: The All-New BBM Channels (Beta)

BBM Channels

BBM Channels was announced during BlackBerry Live on May 14th.  It represents one of the biggest changes ever made to BBM.  It adds Facebook and Twitter-like features to BBM, turning it into a full-out social network.  In addition to the … Continue reading

Jun 06

Save the World From Devastation: Modern Combat 4 on BlackBerry 10

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hero is a console-quality first-person shooter from Gameloft.  It is powered by the Havok Engine.  The story is that the President of the United States has been taken hostage in Barcelona by a terrorist group, and … Continue reading

Jun 04

Tower Defence Re-imagined: Pigs in Trees on BlackBerry 10

Pigs in Trees

Pigs in Trees is a fun, relaxing game for casual gamers.  Your character is a pig that is flying a plane, and your objective is to repel birds that attempt to fly to your tree.  It is somewhat like Angry … Continue reading

May 30

Simple yet Addictive: Starbeams on BlackBerry 10


Starbeams is developed by Eric Harty, the BlackBerry developer who created Pixelated and Xploding Boxes.  Like Harty’s previous games, Starbeams is another pleasantly simple, yet surprisingly addictive game.  The user is asked to connect stars, using two different colours for … Continue reading

May 27

Walkthrough: BlackBerry 10.1 on Z10 with Whatsapp Integration

BBLive BlackBerry 10.1 Phones

BlackBerry 10.1 for the Z10 was announced and released during BlackBerry Live.  We previously did walkthroughs of 10.1 on the Q10.  This time, we go through the major changes in this update for the Z10. Messaging is improved.  Navigating backward … Continue reading

May 25

The Ultimate First-Person Shooter: N.O.V.A. 3 on BlackBerry Z10

NOVA 3 Google Play

N.O.V.A. 3 is a console-quality first-person shooter on the BlackBerry Z10.  For an even more immersive experience, you can play the game after connecting your Z10 to a large-screen TV using a HDMI cable. There is currently a sale in … Continue reading

May 23

Newsstand on BlackBerry 10: Read High Resolution Magazines for Free!


Newsstand is one of the core apps that is pre-loaded on the Z10 and Q10.  It allows you to download and read magazines in many different categories – automotive, entertainment, sports, technology and many more.  Examples of magazines I have … Continue reading