Sep 05

BlackBerry Shares Surge Almost 8% in Two Days


Since BlackBerry shares closed at C$10.75 on Tuesday, September 3, they have risen 7.91% in two days, closing at C$11.60 today.  Yesterday, September 4, BlackBerry shares jumped 4.93% to close at C$11.28.  This resulted from a Bloomberg article indicating that … Continue reading

Sep 04

BlackBerry Ahead of Windows Phone 8 Revenues By Over $600 Million

BlackBerry Z10 Band Video

In the latest quarter, Windows Phone 8 smartphones exceeded BlackBerry in global shipments.  We have pointed out that BlackBerry is still ahead of WP 8 in the important U.S. market.  Digging deeper into the numbers reveals that BlackBerry is significantly … Continue reading

Aug 30

BlackBerry Z10 is Currently 4th Best Selling Smartphone on Amazon

Slacker Radio

Last updated September 3, 2013.  Earlier versions of this article indicated that the Z10 was at number 7 and then 6. It has since moved up to number 4. According to the Amazon Best Sellers section on, the BlackBerry … Continue reading

Aug 25

BlackBerry’s U.S. Market Share Climbs Above 6% For First Time in Months

BlackBerry Z10 Band Video

For several months, BlackBerry’s market share globally and in the U.S. have been below 5%.  However, that appears to be changing.  According to StatCounter, BlackBerry’s U.S. market share has climbed above 6% for the first time in months, reaching 6.16% … Continue reading

Aug 23

BlackBerry Leaps Past HTC, Motorola and LG to Take Number 3 Spot in the U.S.


According to StatCounter, BlackBerry has overtaken HTC, Motorola and LG to become the number 3 mobile vendor in the U.S.  On August 22, 2013 (yesterday), BlackBerry’s U.S. market share was at 5.13%, ahead of HTC’s 4.72%, Motorola’s 4.27% and LG’s … Continue reading

Aug 19

BlackBerry Q10 is Currently Third Best Selling Smartphone in India


According to the India webpage of global electronics retailer Expansys, the BlackBerry Q10 is currently the third-best selling smartphone in India.  It is ahead of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II and the LTE version of the Galaxy S4. … Continue reading

Aug 18

BlackBerry Z10 Sales Jump 40% in India With Trade In Offer

BlackBerry India MD

Recently, BlackBerry introduced an exchange offer in India that allows customers to trade-in their old smartphone for a discount (between Rs 3,000 and Rs 11,000) on the BlackBerry Z10.  As a result, sales of the Z10 in India has increased … Continue reading

Aug 12

BlackBerry Ahead of Windows Phone Market Share in the U.S.

BlackBerry Z10 Band Video

There has been much talk recently of Windows Phone surpassing BlackBerry in global shipments in the latest quarter.  However, according to the latest data from ComScore, BlackBerry is ahead of Windows Phone in market share in the U.S. In the … Continue reading

Aug 11

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 Outselling Samsung Galaxy S4 in South Korea

BlackBerry Expansys South Korea Banner

South Korea is where Samsung was founded and where it is headquartered.  Thus, Samsung smartphones have long enjoyed loyalty among South Korean consumers.  However, according to leading online retailer Expansys, the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 are currently outselling the Samsung … Continue reading

Aug 05

BlackBerry Z30 (Aristo) to be First Smartphone with 3GB of RAM

BlackBerry Z30 Top

The BlackBerry Z30, also known as the Aristo or A10, is set to ship with 3GB of RAM.  This is according to a source with knowledge of the matter.  This would make the Aristo the first smartphone to ship with … Continue reading

Jul 30

The Story Behind iOS App Player on BlackBerry 10

120000 Apps BlackBerry World

Update: Descriptions from two other people who have also seen the iOS App Player have been added to the bottom of this article On Sunday, we wrote about an iOS App Player developed by Inception Mobile that allows iOS apps … Continue reading

Jul 28

BlackBerry 10 Can Run iOS Apps Using iOS App Player

BBLive New BlackBerry

Update: See The Story Behind iOS App Player on BlackBerry 10 According to a source with knowledge of the matter, BlackBerry 10 smartphones can run iOS apps using an iOS App Player.  In fact, one such iOS app available on BlackBerry … Continue reading

Jul 18

BlackBerry Overtakes Samsung in the UK, Exceeds 20% in Market Share

BlackBerry UK Market Share Banner

We previously wrote that BlackBerry has been gaining market share in Canada and the U.S. According to StatCounter, BlackBerry has just overtaken Samsung in the UK, to become the number 2 smartphone vendor by market share. Yesterday, July 17, 2013, … Continue reading

Jul 16

BlackBerry’s Market Share in Canada Surpasses 20%, Closing in on Android

BlackBerry Canada Market Share Banner July

Three weeks ago, we wrote that BlackBerry’s market share in Canada rose 5.75% in one month to reach 17.8% in June. At that rate, it was poised to overtake Android to become the number 2 smartphone OS in Canada. According … Continue reading

Jul 15

The Future of BlackBerry: The Internet of Things


During BlackBerry’s 2013 AGM, CEO Thorsten Heins used the term “the internet of things” to describe what the company intends to do with its services business. What this means is connecting devices to BlackBerry’s data network, similar to the way … Continue reading