Feb 24

App Review: Funky Smugglers is The Funkiest Game You Have Ever Played

Funky Smugglers Groovy

Funky Smugglers is a very unique game that has just arrived on BlackBerry 10.  The graphics are very pleasant to look at, the music is great, and most importantly, it has a lot of personality.  Playing the game makes you … Continue reading

Feb 23

Why Active Frames on BlackBerry 10 are Better than Live Tiles on Windows Phone 8

Z10 Active Frames

Many people are not sure about the difference between Active Frames on BlackBerry 10 and Live Tiles on Windows Phone 8.  The former are running apps that, when minimized, continue to provide the user with useful information; meanwhile, the latter … Continue reading

Feb 14

BlackBerry Z10 is Crushing iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Note II in Customer Satisfaction

(Updated February 17 to add customer reviews from the UK, located near the bottom of this article) Customer satisfaction is extremely important.  In fact, it has been one of the key factors of Apple’s success in the past decade.  In the UK … Continue reading

Feb 12

Why BBM Video Chat is Better than Skype and Apple’s Facetime


QNX has many years of experience working with high definition and 3-Dimensional (HD-3D) audio.  Its latest CAR 2.0 Platform on a Bentley GT contains a video conferencing system with 7kHz audio.  QNX has leveraged its experience in audio when creating BBM … Continue reading

Feb 05

Thorsten Heins Fires Shot at Apple and Microsoft as BlackBerry Aims to Compete With Cupertino and Redmond on All Fronts

Z10 and Q10 Edited

“This isn’t just about smartphones and tablets.  The architecture we have built is [a] true mobile computing architecture.  It’s not a downgraded PC operating system.” – BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, speaking to Reuters In an interview in Toronto today, BlackBerry’s … Continue reading

Jan 27

Apple Store Jumping on BlackBerry 10 Bandwagon!?

Apple Store BB 10

One of our readers, Bobtheman71, noticed that an Apple store in their city was playing the song titled No Sleep Til BlackBerry 10. We are unsure if other Apple stores are also playing this song. Thanks to Bobtheman71 for submitting this … Continue reading

Jan 27

Episode 3 of The Countdown To BB 10 Show is now LIVE! [With Rising Star Jason I. Carter]


In this episode, we are joined by Jason I. Carter.  While he is relatively new to BlackBerry 10 development, he has been a rising star.  In addition to creating the top word search game on BB 10, Jason also blogs … Continue reading

Jan 24

Must Watch: BlackBerry 10 – The Greatest Comeback in Tech History!

BB 10 Fan Video Banner 2

This is an excellent fan-made video that beautifully describes RIM’s fall from grace, as well as its current comeback.  It could perhaps be described as a short documentary that is under 5 minutes in length. The video also has excellent … Continue reading

Jan 17

Exclusive: Instagram-Like Photo Filters on BlackBerry Z10!

Z10 Photo Filters 3

In this short video, we take a look at the Z10’s camera app and accompanying photo filters.  You can choose from a wide vary of filters.  In addition to changing the picture’s colours, you can also add artistic filters to … Continue reading

Jan 14

Here’s How To Trade RIMM Shares Before and After January 30th

BB 10 Sneak Peek

(Updated on Jan. 14, 2013 at 9:48pm) Since the article Why It’s Better To Buy RIMM Than AAPL Right Now was published on Nov. 13, RIMM has climbed 69.69% (as of today’s close at US$14.95).  In addition, RIMM has just recorded … Continue reading

Jan 10

BlackBerry 10 Smartphones With 3D Displays Could Be Coming Soon [CES 2013]

QNX Bentley

Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems, sat down with CrackBerry for a walkthrough of the QNX-powered Bentley at CES.  The 11-minute video is a joy to watch, given the visually stunning 17″ 1080p display. At the 3:43 mark in … Continue reading

Nov 13

Why It’s Better To Buy RIMM Than AAPL Right Now

BB 10 Jam Orlando Don Lindsay

Follow @GameplayApps (Last updated Nov. 21, 2012) Since RIM announced on October 31st that BlackBerry 10 has entered carrier trials at 50 carriers, its shares rallied 20.82% in 4 trading days. In that time, its shares broke above the US$8 … Continue reading

Jan 01

Exclusive: RIM to Launch 4 Curve Smartphones in 2012

BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360 and 9380

After RIM’s December 15th earnings call, tech bloggers and analysts focused on the delay of the QNX-based BB 10 smartphones to the latter part of 2012.  Some even panicked about the fact that it appeared RIM would not launch a … Continue reading