• John

    I am trying to repair my ipod touch 4th generation screen i did everything the video shows me but when i connect the screen it wont turn on what should i do?

  • Hannah

    Hi I am bringing my iPhone to get screen fixed on wed will all my information on my phone be ok as it’s just the screen?

  • mike

    how much does it cost to fixed a macbook pro trackpad

  • Wouha ButtNaked

    One of my favorite tech website, become better and better. Keep your good job guys, TGM rock!

  • mike

    hi gadgetmaster can u fixed iphone and macbook pros do u do repairs

  • TEERap MoneyGang

    I would like to join your team (thegadgetmasters) and provide opinion and fact based articles (weather positive or negative) about blackberry (BBRY) and there stocks.

    • Michael Li

      Hi TEERap, that sounds great. We’ll email you.

  • MeatHammer

    My tip is pretty moist Atm