8 Best Cheap BMX Bikes Under $200, $300, $400 In 2021

Close your eyes and say, “BMX Bike”. If that brings forth vivid imagery of a fancy bike being used to perform spectacular stunts, you have rightly guessed the bike.

Riding BMX means unleashing a ton of adventurous opportunities. You can perform aerobic stunts on BMX, make it your dance partner and perform several street tricks. And if you happen to be a fresh enthusiast of BMX—and are going to buy your first bike—be ready to get fall in love with it.

BMX bikes are liked by people of all ages alike, and therefore I have made a list of best cheap BMX bikes that comes under the budget of $200 and $400.

Kid’s bikes are low priced and usually not of very high strength. Adults have to pay extra bucks as they can’t compromise on strength and durability.

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8 Best Cheap BMX Bikes

Finding the best budget BMX bike can be a daunting task, and if you are just getting into BMX, the right fit for your style can take hours of web surfing.

This blogpost will not only equip you with the most relevant information about BMX but also provide you with the best cheap BMX bikes to choose from.

I’m sure, after reading this article,  you never have to spend those painstaking hours on the internet to buy the budget-friendly BMX bike.

Under $200

Under $300

Under $400


Best BMX Bike Under $200 Reviews

1. Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX - L10 (Best Seller Under 200)


Mongoose has already been praised enough in a separate model I discussed earlier. While Mongoose Title Mini BMX might have not made an impression on you, perhaps for its limited sales, this model is definitely going to make one.


It is the Amazon choice for “boys BMX bikes 20 inch”, and the number one bike for #BMX Bike. Over 650 reviews and growing, it has been the most widely acclaimed BMX so far.


Thought the company recommends this for rider height 4’4” – 5’0”, it can perfectly accommodate up to 5’6’. To make it affordable for users, the company has used a combination of both Chromoly and hi-tensile steel.


In legion series, some bikes have purely Chromoly frame, but they, accordingly, have been priced much higher.


Mongoose Legion series has several models each distinct in its features and purpose. Given that you have the right amount of money, you can ditch Legion L10 for more superior models.


  • Top rated BMX
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Integrated Headset
  • Single wall rim
  • Limited to average height users


Framed Team BMX Bike 20in

The main difference between Framed Attack BMX and this model is the material of frame: the attack comes with a Chromoly frame, while the Team BMX is purely hi-tensile steel. The latter is moderately priced but will do the job.


High tensile body may lead some of you to believe that this model weighs high than other BMX. But, surprisingly, it is well under the optimum weight of 25-28 lbs.


Moreover, the hi-tensile structure isn’t always a liability. It contributes to the strength and makes the bike durable and durable. The bikes with such built have more chances of surviving abuse and are immensely suitable for street stunts.


It was soothing to know that Team BMX is featuring the three-piece crank. However, the unsealed bearing was equally disappointing. But then, we can’t cry overbearing for a bike in such a price range.


Not all the features can be discussed in detail here, and there are no different than other bikes. Fork is 1-1/8th Hi-Ten Steel, to complement the frame; 2pc Bars 8″x 28″Handlebars, to provide control; and U-brakes with alloy lever, to enhance maneuverability and beauty of the design.


This model is more famous among teenagers than adults, but is equally suited to and loved by both.


  • Affordable
  • Three piece crank
  • Hardy
  • Thin wall rim
  • Unsealed bearing


3. Framed Impact 20 (Cheapest BMX Bike)

Framed Impact bike is a beginner level bike, and is not suited for pros. This BMX is powered to bear the brunt of the rider’s aggression. You can easily perform entry level tricks and can abuse it for a fairly long time.


The 20 ¼’’ tube suggests that it is appropriate for both teenagers and short adults. The frame and fork are made up of high tensile steel, which is meant for a longer time span while compromising weight. The 8’’ Rise handlebar is good enough for a smooth and comfortable ride.


The brakes, no matter how ignored, are the guarantor of safety and control. While linear pull V brakes are still the gold standard, the U-brakes in this model is not going to disappoint either.


The company recommends a professional to assemble the bike, but you have even rudimentary knowledge and the right tools, you can assemble it yourself.


The major downsides are the American loose ball unsealed bottom bracket, one piece crank-set, and substandard seat-post combo.


This 150$ BMX might not do the extreme stunts that you fancy on YouTube, but it would be the best first step if you want to go pro later. The price is minimal for initial experiments, and can’t be ignored for an entry level bike.


  • Can be easily assembled
  • Budget friendly
  • Robust design
  • Unsealed bearing
  • Poor quality of seat, post and handlebar cover


Best BMX Bikes Under $300 Reviews

1. Elite 20” BMX Bicycle (Destro Model Freestyle Bike)

This model may not have the right demand it deserves, as its buyers have not entered into double figures yet.


Nonetheless, it has been ranking at the fourth position for BMX Bikes search on Amazon. The reviews have mostly been positive so far, and it is likely to get more acclaim in the coming days.


Elite bike, the manufacturing company, has been tainting this Destro Model as an all-purpose freestyle bike that is meant to be equally suitable for dirt tracks and streets.


The bike weighs 26 lb and it is well in the range of 25-28 lb limit for a comfortable ride. The frame is built of high tensile steel to ensure durability and strength.


The company featured a three-piece crank in this model to send a clear message that good things don’t necessarily come with the high price tag.


The four-piece alloy handlebar is built to last, with 20 inch standard wheel to cater to teenagers and adults alike. Almost all of the reviews on the internet vouched for its robustness.


The front wheel is not equipped with brakes so 360 degree turnaround isn’t the trick you will miss out. The pegs are pro grinding and can stand the abuse of tough riding.


As freestyle riding can become really brutal for the bikes, the company has taken special care to not disappoint its users in terms of strength and resilience.


There are no major drawbacks in this model, but a lot of users has complained about its long chain and complexity of assembling the part.


  • Top grossing
  • Long chain
  • Three piece crank
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Robust frame


2. Elite 20 Inch BMX Bicycle (Top Rated Bike Under $300)


Elite stealth BMX has just been introduced in the market and is rocking it since its arrival. The bike costs a little over 200$ dollars which had upset a lot of its competitors.


In this price range, this freestyle BMX has certainly a huge lead over its rivals.


A freestyle BMX must be judged for its strength and maneuverability. This model isn’t built to disappoint you in both.


Frame is made up of high-tensile steel which is pretty much a standard for freestyle bike. Low profile rims are very handy for instant braking and turning around sharp corners.


They provide stability and control. Sealed bearing saves a lot of maintenance cost which is very beneficial in the long run. You can perform almost all the tricks and stunts in this bike, thanks to its heavy-duty pegs and U-brakes.


Nothing is perfect in this life, and the same goes for this bike. Users report recurrent issues with tires and some lament about its inferior paint which loses luster with time.


  • Gears
  • Low profile rim
  • Pegs for front and rear wheel
  • Substandard paint and tire quality


3. Framed Attack BMX Bike


This framed attack BMX has an elegant design; especially, the color scheme—red and blue combination—makes it impossible to resist noticing it.


But design isn’t the only parameter which qualifies it for above $200 purchase, its structure and working are its main proponents.


Let’s start with the material of the frame.


The front triangle is made up of Chromoly steel, a lightweight version; while, the back triangle of the frame is made up of hi-tensile steel, a heavier but sturdier version.


This composition of two different material types is there to optimize both the strength and weight of the bike. Just like frame, several other parts are made up either of high-tensile steel or Chromoly.


The Chromoly handlebar combined with a decently tread tires contributes to the grip, handling, and speed of the bike.


The three-piece crank is so far the best we can get in any BMX, and this bike features a lot more than that. The unsealed bearing in the bottom bracket and headset makes sudden rotations and other heavy duty tricks effortlessly.


With many BMX bikes, chronic fatigue and maintenance fixes are a norm. This BMX has managed, so far, to not be counted among such bikes.


Though this Framed Attack bike has been praised by kids, teenagers and adults alike, the young lot was the most enthusiast in its praise.


  • Sturdy Frame
  • Three pieces Crank
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Need a professional for installation


4. Mongoose Title Mini BMX Race Bike (Best for Beginners)


Mongoose is deemed as one of the few pioneers in BMX manufacturing. This South Carolina company shot to fame right after it introduced one of the earliest BMX in racing and dirt tracks.


The affair of Mongoose and BMX goes back a long way, and both helped each other to make a good share of fame.


Mongoose Title series is dedicated to racing, and this BMX model is the beginner level flagship of that series.


The frame of the BMX plays a crucial part in determining the overall weight of the model. Aluminum frame is the lightest, and a bike featuring it is truly meant to be for racing.


Racing bikes need to be lightning-fast for competitive advantage; but at the same time, they must have a sturdier structure to withstand the wear and tear of time.


The handlebar and fork of this Title Race Bike are, therefore, made up of hi-tensile steel. Also, its rim is double walled to minimize high impact and pressure.


The internal cable routing in this model is a great solution to the tangling problem, and its alloy V brakes perfect the handling and control while riding. The 20 in wheels are pretty much a standard, but they are highly unsuitable for tall and heavy users.


Sealed bearing in this bike might seem to be a trivial feature, and sometimes pretty annoying, but it adds to the durability of a bike and minimizes its maintenance cost.


Mongoose is a big name in the BMX industry, and for all right reasons. If you, like me, value and trust an established brand, you are all good to buy this as a beginner level bike.


  • Aluminium Frame
  • Internal cable routing
  • Sealed bearing
  • Limited to racing tracks


Best BMX Bikes Under $400 Reviews

1. Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike (Best Rated)


Schwinn is a renowned name in the bicycle industry, and this model is a remake of 1983’s model. The latter was a big hit in the American biker community, and the company has a predominant market base in the US. With this model, Schwinn has tried to cash the nostalgia of the late eighties.


Enough praise of the company, now we will judge the bike on its own merits.


24 inch wheel size is its most distinguishing feature, as it makes it eligible for people of all ages and physical build-up.  The frame is of hi-tensile steel which makes it sturdy, yet heavier than other models. The weight is clearly a downside, but it can be overlooked for the low budget of the bike.


The bike can be manually assembled, given that you have the right tools. This BMX features single-single Drivetrain, so it lacks gears. The pedals, brakes, and seat are of substandard quality, but again, that can be overlooked for the price.


For chrome finish lovers, the company has recreated this model in the same chrome design as that of the forerunner.


To cut a long story short, this isn’t the ideal bike to pull up extreme BMX stunts. However, it is can give you a pretty decent ride across the streets, parks and dirt tracks.


  • 24 inch wheel size
  • Sturdy design
  • Chrome finish
  • The pedals, brakes, and seat are of substandard quality


Final Verdict

My top pick of the list is Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX and I will explain the reason in a while.

The most compelling parameter is the budget. It is by far the best budget BMX bike. The other equally important reason is the number of positive buyer reviews and sales of this bike.

Amazon hasn’t ranked it at the top of the best BMX bikes for without any reason. It pays off, and that is the only reason that it has such a huge fan base.

I have personally been a witness to the style and agility of this bike. I’m sure, it never fails you.

And even if you get disappointed by the model I listed, there are several others to choose from the Legion series at a slightly higher price. And if all of them are not good for your taste, I don’t know what on earth can satisfy you.

Cheap BMX Bike Buying Guide

Before I introduce you to the list of best-budget BMX I have sorted below, it would be very handy that you get familiar with the important parameters that determine the purchase of the BMX bike.

What follows next is a humble attempt to describe all the important parameters which were deduced after days of research and experiments. And yet, despite its comprehensiveness, the guide isn’t meant to be an ultimate guide as that requires a separate article which I’ll write in the coming days.

Bike Frame Material

BMX bikes, by their very purpose, have to bear maximum abuse. So, the choice of frame material is of prime importance for obvious reasons.

BMX frame usually comes in four different materials:

  1. Titanium
  2. Carbon fiber
  3. Aluminum
  4. High-tensile steel (aka Chromoly)

Among these, the titanium frame is durable yet expensive, and as we move towards the steel, the price starts to go significantly down while compromising the longevity of the frame.

So, you can narrow down your choice on the basis of the budget alone.

Other than budget, the choice of frame material rests upon three primary factors:

  1. Weight of the riders and the accessories
  2. Purpose of the bike
  3. Environmental conditions.

Weight is important as not all frames are equally resilient to excessive pressure. Furthermore, it can prove to be an added advantage in competitive racing, and that takes us to our next parameter, the purpose of the bike.

Lightweight bikes are best for racing, the heavier one is reliable for long rides and excessive pressure. The environment may seem an insignificant factor, but it directly affects the robustness of the frame.

A humid environment can cut the lifespan of the steel frame to half by rusting, and, therefore, must be considered as a determining factor while buying the bike.

The size, height, and age of the rider:

As BMX bikes are liked by people irrespective of their age and size, therefore, are differentiated accordingly. The basic skeleton of BMX contains a frame, wheels and handle.

Frame is already discussed in detail. As far as wheel size is considered, 20 inch wheel size is the standard. 16 inch wheels are for kids, while more freestyle bikes have 18in wheels.

With respect to the height of the rider, the sizes are as follow:

Sr. No Rider Height (ft) Bike frame Size (in)
1. 4’-4’6’’ 16’’-17’’
2. 4’8’’-5’4’’ 18’’-19’’
3. 5’4’’-5’10’’ 20’’-20.5’’

Definitive Purpose

BMX bikes are often categorized, and accordingly named, on the basis of their definitive purpose. Freestyle, flatland, dirt jump, and racing are the most popular categories of BMX.

Freestyle BMX: It is by far the most popular type of BMX bike, and is used to perform tricks in parks and streets. The riders take advantage of an urban setting to perform awe-aspiring stunts. It needs speed, accuracy, strength and a ton of adrenaline to be a master of this category.

Flatland BMX: As the name suggests, flatland BMX is appropriate for a flat, smooth and leveled surface. The terrain is not of much importance for these bikes, as most of the tricks involve dancing, generally known as breakdancing, of the bike on a fixed spot. These bikes have a robust frame to cope with the tricks that involve rider standing on and revolving the frame.

Dirt Jump BMX: These bikes are suitable to perform airborne tricks. Special high-rise jump tracks are made so that the rider can enthrall the audience with mid-air tricks. Among all the other categories, this bike must have the most resilient frame available to counter the pounding effect while landing the bike.

Racing BMX: The racing type BMX are judges on the basis of their strength, speed and foremost of their weight. These off-road racing bikes are run on courses with jumps, rollers, and off-road corners, so they have to be very reliable and fast for competitive advantage.

BMX Constituents

Although we buy the BMX bikes in a single unit, it is worthwhile to assess it part by part. Wheels, frame, and handle-fork combo are the integral parts with crank, brakes, and tires as the essential combination.

Gears are not mandatory for BMX but are added in some bike to attract people having a profound love for it.

As we already discussed frame above in bit detail, therefore, we will skip the frame here and discuss other components in brief.

Wheel and tires—wheels are composed of two elements: rim and spokes. The thicker the rim and the higher the number of spokes, the more the strength of the wheel is. Also, this necessarily means extra money you would have to pay.

Freestyle BMX has the number of spokes with three walled thick rims as it has to bear the extreme abuse by the rider. Whereas for racing, the number of spokes is reduced and the single walled thick rim is used to keep the weight lower.

Tread pattern characterizes tires. For streets and flat surfaces, smooth tread pattern in a wide tire is a great choice. It will offer high speed, smooth handling, and sufficient grip.

For dirt jump BMX, the tires should be wider with knobbler tread for better traction. Narrower tires with standard tread are appropriate for racing BMX.

Crank—it comes in three forms and they are named in ascending order of strength and price: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece crank. One piece cranks are for kids, inferior in strength and not suitable for extreme stunts. The other two are sturdy and known for their durability.

Brakes—Freestyle BMX riders must pay due attention to brakes as their mode of integration can seriously limit your maneuverability.

If spinning the bike a full 360 degree is the trick you love pulling up, then be cautious of buying a bike with standard U-brake because it will ruin the fun.

Consider buying a bike with brake cable routed through gyro, if you really don’t want to miss out on stupendous stunts.

A more powerful variant is V-shape brakes, also known as linear-pull brakes, which is popular among racing BMX.

Handlebars—Handlebars are inextricably linked to the bike type. A flat road BMX must have a minimal steep, high rise handlebar; while for freestyles a high steep and high strength handlebar is more suitable.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Does BMX stand for something?

The idea of BMX stemmed from the motocross racing, and the same is true of its name which is an initialism of bicycle motocross.

Q2: What BMX size should I get?

BMX size should be decided on the basis of three independent variables: the height and weight of the rider and the type of the BMX.

The more the height and weight of the rider, the more the size of the BMX one must go for.  Moreover, freestyle and flatland BMX are slightly smaller in size than their dirt land and racing cousins.

Q3: What should be the weight of BMX?

The weight of the BMX depends upon the type of ride. For racing and dirt track competition, the weight of the BMX should be significantly low. For freestyle BMX, the weight can be compromised.

Q4: What makes a BMX bike different from a regular bike?

The BMX bike hasn’t the same size as the regular bike, and it is nearly half the height. BMX is highly unsuitable for long commutes, but you can pull the stunts unmatched by the regular bike. Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges.

Q5: How do I choose a BMX bike?

Though an extensive buying guide is sitting at the top of this article, here is a list of few parameters that can make the decision easy for you.

  • Budget.
  • Ride level: entry, intermediate and professional.
  • Purpose: freestyle ride or racing competition.

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