Best Folding Wagon For Toddlers | Kids Collapsible All Terrain Wagons

Toddlers love to move, they are thrilled to explore and excited to see new things around them. What if all this comes in one piece and that too, within the affordable limit? Amazing, no?

Foldable wagons serve this purpose to the utmost. They are portable, provide ample sitting space, have easy functionality and are safe and effectual: a sensational combination of convenience, price, and usability!

Bikes are way too upbeat for the toddlers and many parents cannot see this as a safe option, taking them in cars would require an actual car which is pricey and hoverboards have yet to find an appreciable acceptance from a huge percentage of parents so it’s the wagons we are left with as an optimum solution.

We would be telling you about the best foldable wagons for toddlers, why they would be ideal for your kids and how can they prove helpful for you as well once they learn to walk and demand their own vehicles.

What Actually Foldable Wagon is?

A wagon refers to a spacious compartment. A foldable wagon contains a single or two seated sitting space and can be pulled through a lever or an adjustable arm/handle.

These wagons can be folded for easy transportability and storage and contains additional features like seatbelts, holding spaces and removable add-ons.


Top 10 Folding Wagons For Toddlers

We will be directing you towards useful and utility-laden wagons that will be a treat for your toddlers. Like our every other article, the descending sequence of products doesn’t relate them to their rating or usefulness. Check out the list of best folding wagons for kids below.

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1.  Radio Flyer EZ  (Kids Folding Wagon With Canopy & Seat)

We would be reviewing the ultimate model of this product. This is lined with transportability, bedecked with utility and comes to you at a reasonable price.

We would start with the seating space. It contains two seats that are wide enough to accommodate 1-3-year-old kids with ease. The seatbelts can be fastened to them for enhanced safety upon bumps and half-build pavements.

The seats are supported with plastic backs instead of simple fabric. There is a UV protection canopy to save your kids from the bright sunlight and harmful rays. Many other wagons come with no roofs but this feature takes the product far ahead in selling potential.

It is also critical for kids with skin related allergies and sensitive skin. You shouldn’t worry about making sure that your kid is wearing a cap you made him wear all the time with this roof. It is also detachable so you can easily remove it if not needed.

The telescoping handle is easily adjustable according to the height of the puller. There are two cup holders inside the wagon for children and two outside for the adults. You can place water bottles, juice bottles or energy drinks here while going for a picnic or grocery shopping. Even when the kids are sitting in the wagon, there is space to put some stuff as well.

The wheels are made of plastic with a rubber covering. They can access different terrains but face difficulty in soggy terrains like wet sand. The fabric is high-quality DuraClean and can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth.

The wagon offers one-handed, single operation folding capability which is very simple to execute. When folded, it can be stored under a table of the apartment/ house or in the car. It weighs only 29 lbs so it can be carried without any excess effort and is ASTM F963-16 Toy safety standardized.

There must have been a holding clip for the handle and the roof once the wagon is folded but they are lacking. Had it been included in the package, it would have been more user-friendly.

Key Specifications

  • 29.9 pounds
  • Full size wagon for 2 riders
  • Interior Body – 34.75 inches & 17 inches.
  • Telescoping handle for easy transport
  • UV resistant canopy
  • 2 seated space
  • 4 cup holders
  • Presence of seatbelt
  • DuraClean fabric
  • Tires not very adaptive to access challenging terrains like wet sand
  • No holding clip for handle and canopy in folded position


2. TCP Global Wide Wheel Wagon (Push Wagon For Toddlers)

A wide wagon that features the typical scissor folding mechanism! The user has to pinch a connector and pull it upwards to yield the easy folding solution presented by TCP Global.

It contains seating space for only one kid but the fact of being 32 inches long explains the wide caption it gets. The previous model was 45 inches long but with a two-person sitting which credits a space of 22 inches to one kid but this wagon offers a 10 inch more space. The toddler can easily move in it, play with his carrying toys and peek around to enjoy the surroundings.

It has a weight limit of 265 lbs so you can easily carry grocery shoppers of daily use items in it along with your kid. It is also useful as a cart for carrying items when not using it like a toddler’s wagon.

It comes with two handle support: one push and the other pull. Both are adjustable and very firm to allow no loose connection. But when you are using the push arm, it is very difficult to steer it and the wagon seems to go off-balance.

The frame is made out of 600D polyester fabric which can be removed for easy washing and the frame is fashioned out of durable steel, the strength of which can be estimated from its weight-holding capacity.

Not only, this, but the best feature of this wagon is also its wide tires. They are 4 inches wide and 7 inches in diameter with a tractor-type trail that can access all terrains. It can skim through muddy patches, slimy obstructions, and differing inclines. The rubber covering of the tires ensures good traction and smooth riding experience.

The wagon contains bottle holders and storage pouches. This wagon can be conveniently used to go for gardening needs shopping. Kids love flowers and plants and you can carry the plants along with your kid in this wagon.

He would surely be thrilled surrounded by plants while you would have executed your job efficiently.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 29.9 pounds
  • Full size wagon for 2 riders
  • Interior Body – 34.75 inches & 17 inches.
  • Telescoping handle for easy transport
  • Wide and spacious
  • Weight limit of 265 lbs
  • Removable fabric for washing
  • Wide tires to permit use in all terrains
  • Two movement handles
  • Four different colors
  • When pushing, steering the wagon is impossible
  • No canopy for shade


3. EasyGo (Best Collapsible Wagon For Toddlers With Removable Canopy)

This is a lightweight wagon that can be folded to 1/8 of its original size and contains an extra compartment for enhanced storage.

It resembles the Radio Flyer wagon in design with a UV resistant canopy that is removable in nature but with an additional compartment at the backside. It can be used to hold picnic bags, extra carrying items, utensils or toys.

The fabric used for the construction is 600D polyester which is loaded with durability and waterproof qualities. You don’t have to wait for clear weather to go out on this wagon. It sustains light drizzle and scorching sunlight.

The handlebar replicates the Radio flyer in terms of shape and functionality. It can hold a weight of 150 lbs and you can pull the cart smoothly even then. It can be steered easily and controlled without any prior knowledge.

The base is sturdy and wide which prevents it from tripping and the user just has to push the connector upwards to collapse it. It is as easy as that.

The tires are heavy-duty due to the fact that they have a much thicker rubber topping on them than the Radio Flyer wagon so it can go over asphalt, grass, and mud efficiently. The tires also make no noise while rolling over the concrete or paved passageways.

The company, however, does not have replacement parts so if you get a faulty delivery; you have to return the whole product as it comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. In case, any part of the wagon malfunctions after the warranty, you have to search the market for a compatible solution. It is available in red and blue colors.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 22 pounds
  • Uv+waterproof polyester fabric
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weight capasity up to 150 lbs
  • Extra storage compartment
  • UV resistant canopy
  • Wider tires for better accessibility than Radio flyer
  • No replacement parts available
  • Low weight-carrying capacity than TCP Global wagon


4. Mac Sports Foldable Wagon (Top Rated Children’s Wagons)

Mac Sports is a well-known name in the manufacture of recreational equipment and furniture. It has growing respect in the hearts of its customers with considerate regard to quality, reliability, and versatility. This wagon is no different.

It is available in seven colors which correspond well to the versatility we just mentioned. You can buy the one which is your kid’s favorite. The length is 35 inches and the height 23 inches which is ample space for accommodating a toddler and with him a reasonable amount of other items.

The fabric is the same as used in the EasyGo wagon and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth and is UV and mildew resistant.

The frame is strong and the base is constructed to hold a weight of up to 150 lbs, the same weight limit as the EayGo wagon. The handle is a bit short but adjustable and contains screws to alter its length.

It even contains a hook to lock it in a vertical position so that it provides convenience while packing and unpacking it and when picking out your kid.

It can be folded to a mere 8 inches thickness so it can easily be transported in the trunk of the car. The carrying bag can cover it efficiently with straps that allow no chance of slipping out.

The wheels are rubber in nature and work perfectly over all terrains with great effect other than the beach. You have to exert some force to pull t through beach sand but doesn’t mean it can’t be used there. It just doesn’t function that freely on sand than on concrete and road. In spite of that, it is better than many wagons for beach picnics.

It contains two bottle holders outside so that your kid doesn’t feel dehydrated anytime during the trip. It weighs only 22 pounds so can be lifted and carried comfortably. When not used to carry toddlers, it can be helpful for gardening needs, for carrying picnic supplies or for selling items on the streets.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 22.5 pounds
  • Large Capacity
  • Perfect for hauling gear to outdoor sporting events
  • Weight capasity up to 150 lbs
  • Lightweight
  • Ample space for the toddler
  • Option of 7 colors to choose from
  • Sturdy frame and the handles locks in vertical position
  • A shorter handle
  • Accessibility on beach is not at par with that on concrete


5. Creative Outdoor Wagon (Folding Wagon With Canopy)

It looks as if this product was build after collecting a list of demands from the customers. Spacious storage, sun and rain protection, two handle options, increases accessibility, separate storage compartment, and extreme portability, they have it all.

This wagon contains every attachment that incorporates within the design. The arms of UV and rain resistant canopy are lined with frame and so are the hooks to fasten the foldable wagon.

The inside space is 32x 18 inches so that your kid can swivel, sleep and crouch comfortably.

It contains a seat belt which is more of a lap belt to keep your child in position so he doesn’t move a lot. There is a separate storage compartment in front where you can place his supplies or other items if you dedicate the inside space to him solely. The fabric is durable and can be washed.

In the handle area, you have two options of push or pull. Both can be adjusted for height and angle. The canopy can be easily set up and it shields your toddler from sunlight or rain. Now you can go shopping with him peacefully resting behind. The wagon can sustain a weight of 150 lbs.

The tires have a 360-degree swivel so that they can go past obstacles, access road bumps and go over small ditches without any problem. The wheels work together to go through a terrain including grass, concrete or sand.

The portability is great too. Just pull out the strap from inside to fold the wagon, fasten it with the lock clips and moreover with straps. The problem with this wagon is its weight. It weighs 32 pounds which many users may not like.

An exciting add-on available with this wagon is the cooler. The cooler can be inserted in the space with 4 cup holders on top so you can have cold beverages even in the sizzling sun. This can be easily removed and converted back to a wagon.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 32 pounds
  • This foldable cart is extremely portable
  • The removable canopy provides shade for your kids
  • Weight capasity up to 150 lbs
  • Protective canopy
  • Two handle options
  • Lap belt for the toddler
  • Extra storage compartment on front
  • Tires have 360 degree swivel
  • Easily folded and packed
  • Cooler attachment available
  • Heavier
  • Expensive


6. Little Trikes (Kids Plastic Wagon)

This wagon uses plastic material in its construction rather than the fabric which has been a constituent of the first models. It can be folded but takes a bit more space than the other fabric wagons due to the fact that plastic cannot be crumbled.

It contains seating space for two of your kids with the feature of seatbelts for added safety. They can enjoy themselves while you go for monthly house shopping.

The seats are comfortable and can be folded inside to prepare a hauling capacity where you can place your shopping items, plants or grocery.

The handle is also made of plastic and cannot be adjusted although it is of optimal length and can be pulled by people of every height smoothly. It can also be pulled when folded.

This cheap wagon contains four cup holders and the rubber tires make no noise when rolling on the surface. It can walk comfortably over grass and mud as well.

Now we come to some of the problems associated with this wagon. The seats are not a part of the wagon but are attached to the top of it so they are not very strongly connected. Too heavier a load for a long time over a bumpy road may break their connection but this remains a low-encountered complaint.

The issue we had with this wagon was its size when folded. It was difficult to insert it behind a bed or inside a trolley because of the width but you have to live with it because it is plastic.

Key Specifications

  • Weight 21.9 pounds
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Built-in handle for carrying in folded mode
  • Seats can fold down for hauling needs
  • Two person seating space
  • Seats folded for hauling capacity
  • Quiet tires
  • Very cheap
  • Seats may come disconnected (some complaints)
  • Not very portable because of the plastic material


7. Mac Sports Double Decker (Best Foldable Wagons For Kids)

This is the second wagon of Mac Sports in this list but this one features a double Decker design that comes across as a unique feature in terms of foldable wagons.

Available in six vibrant colors, there must be a lot of thought injected in the design to accommodate two platforms in a single foldable wagon.

The lower tray features the general scissor design but the upper sitting cabin contains links connected in square to ensure effectual collapsibility.

You can now take your kids for a walk and keep their belongings on the lower tray. The lower tray is about 38 inches long and can accommodate hockey sticks, skateboards, and equipment which are long in nature.

Some complaints regarding toddlers skimming through the purchased grocery items or other packages seem to be taken into consideration by Mac Sports so they have come up with a solution of separate compartments for items and toddlers. The frame is made of steel and the connections are pretty sturdy.

The fabric is of high quality and can be cleaned with soap or detergent. It is weatherproof and can be used in rain as well. There is space for two bottles and a telescopic handle which can be locked in a vertical position when you park the wagon. It has a good rubber grip so you can pull it for a long time without feeling sore.

The four rubber tires can swivel and ensures smooth turning and steering. It can go past small obstructions without being increasingly bumpy. It is rated for a 150 lb weight capacity but we would be happy to add 50 lbs more to it without any concern.

It can also be carried while folded but lacks a carry bag so you have to arrange for a bag to keep it in while transporting for a long-distance party or for keeping it safe when not in use.

Key Specifications

  • Built with a 150-pound capacity
  • Yard cart designed to transport and carry
  • A telescopic, adjustable handle
  • Weight 27.6 pounds
  • Double decker design
  • Adjustable handle and sturdy frame
  • No concern as to toddlers skimming through the items placed in the wagon as there is a separate compartment for them
  • No carry bag
  • No canopy


8. Sekey (Best Beach Foldable Wagon For Toddlers)

One of the top wagons with a high 5-star rating on Amazon because of nearly no issues and availability at a reasonable price too. It comes in five varying colors and is regarded to be a heavy-duty wagon.

It has a spacious sitting platform of 31 inches which is not only suitable for a toddler but also for carrying supplies when going for outings, to the beach or other family trips.

The fabric is 600D double layered Oxford which is removable for easy washing. This feature prolongs the life of the wagon because it doesn’t have to be washed as a whole so neither the wheels nor the frame come under the contact of running water during the washing process.

The frame is built out of steel with base support to carry a weight limit of 265 lbs. It is a heavy-duty wagon that can sustain a lot of weight due to the brawny frame structure and the presence of wide tires.

The polyurethane wheels are 4 inches wide and the front ones are assembled close to each other to increase the stability of the wagon and assist in sharp turning during trips.

They turn freely and can go over any terrain including wet grass, soft sand, and gravel. Their tread design enables more grip and traction which eradicates any chances of tripping or rolling over and the bearing allows for a noise-free ride.

The design also contains 2 mesh cup holders outside so that it is out of reach of your fussy toddlers and you can give them the liquid only when they need it. The handle is telescopic and can be adjusted easily. The package contains a carry bag so as to permit easy transport and safe handling.

Key Specifications

  • Built with a 265 Pound capacity
  • Wheel of the folding wagon is 4″ wide and 7″ in diameter
  • Sets up in Seconds, No Assembly required
  • Weight 24.2 pounds
  • High weight holding capacity of 265 lbs
  • Wide and noise-free tires
  • Sturdy frame
  • Removable fabric for washing
  • No canopy


9. YSC (Best Cheap Lightweight Collapsible Wagon)

A lightweight and simple option to be used for customers who are not looking for anything outrageous or overly feature-laden! It does the job so very calmly without giving high hopes in terms of utility.

It is made of 600D polyester like many of the other wagons which can be washed with detergent and soap and dried.

The fabric is not removable so you might be worried about the frame catching rust but is fashioned out of steel and have no chance of rust. It is painted beautifully so no concerns there. In fact, the wagon can be used in rain as well.

The toddler can easily sit inside and still have room for stretching. The width is only 7 inches but the length is a good 30 inches. The handle can be retained in the vertical position and have a side lock to adjust the length.

The wagon opens and closes in just 3 seconds and has no adjustments to be made before folding it. It contains two bottle holders outside.

The wheels are pretty standard with rubber layering for traction that finds a bit of difficulty in rolling over soft sand. It weighs only 15 pounds which makes it the most lightweight model of the list but has the guts to haul the weight of around 120-150 lbs.

It, however, poses a threat of being unbalanced when there is the only kid in the wagon over sharp turn and big bumps so care must be practiced.

This is a highly inexpensive option and comes in three different colors.

Key Specifications

  • No Assembly Required, Just unfold and GO!
  • Open and Folds in 3 seconds
  • Folds conveniently and compactly and stores easy
  • Weight 15.05 pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Very cheap
  • Weight holding capacity of 120-150 lbs
  • Adjustable handle
  • Smaller in width
  • Chance of tripping due to being light weight
  • Fabric is not removable


10. Timber Ridge Laburnum Tailgate (Cheap Sports Collapsible Wagon)

This product by Timer Ridge provides a sensational design that can accommodate loads of all lengths. The tailgate lowers to yield more space where you can put your long items like gold sticks and cleaning poles. It can be used to provide more crawling space for the toddler too.

You can place a small pillow here and prepare a comfy sleeping space for him as well. The little feature it may be, but with many uses.

The wagon contains pockets for storage on sides as well. They are not very large but can conveniently store books, bottles, small groceries, and toys.

It can become very helpful when going for a picnic or a beach trip and you want some specific items placed separately from the other lot.

The handle is telescopic in nature and consists of a lock that holds it in a vertical position. This makes sure that it is not lying while you are parking the wagon or taking out things from it and remains in position while folding it.

It requires no prior setup to fold. Just a simple pinch as the other models and voila! The straps can firmly pack it up and the carry bag can be zipped over it for safe storage.

When opened, there is foam bedding that can be placed over the platform that accounts for a snug sitting space. It would also assist the kid in providing sleeping ease.

The front tires can be swiveled 360 degrees so turning and steering is not an issue. It can go over wet grass and sand with moderate ease while on paved roads and concrete floors with enhanced ease. The weight is only 22 pounds and is available in two different colors of blue and red.

This sturdy wagon is a great option for those who are sighting a handy cart in less than $100.

Key Specifications

  • No Assembly Required, Just unfold and GO!
  • Telescoping handle with locking system
  • Built-in storage pockets on both sides
  • Weight 22.6 pounds
  • Cheap
  • Tailgate lowers for more horizontal space
  • Storage pockets on both sides
  • Front wheels can swivel 360 degrees
  • Lightweight so can easily be transported and moved
  • Comfortable foam bedding available
  • No protective canopy

Editor’s Verdict: Collapsible Wagon For Kids

Purpose At Hand

The first thing you need to consider for purchase is the purpose at hand. If you have one kid, we would prefer to buy the model which contains one full sitting space instead of a two-seated wagon. You want your toddler to have ample legroom and freedom to move. As for the opposite, you have great options in the form of Radio Flyer and Little Trikes although Little Trikes is a plastic wagon and takes more space than all the others mentioned in the list.

Canopy Or No Canopy?

The second consideration is the presence of a canopy. It prevents UV rays from reaching your kid, provides shade and protection against rain. The models which contain canopies are Radio Flyer, EasyGo, Creative Outdoor, and Mac Sports Double Decker.

Heavy-Duty Or A 150 lb Wagon?

The third factor is the weight limit. Most ones can carry a weight of 150 lbs but if you want heavy-duty wagons which can haul heavier loads, you can turn towards the Sekey wagon or TCP Global Wide Wheel. They both can sustain loads of more than 250 lbs.

Ease Of Movement (All Terrain Folding Wagon)

The ease of steering and movement is critical too because you have to move the wagon through all terrains. The best in the movement would be Creative Outdoor with two handle options, Sekey foldable wagon with polyurethane tires and EasyGo folding wagon.

More Space

As for extra storage facility, you can choose either the Mac Sports double-decker wagon with two separate vertical compartments or the Timber Ridge wagon which have a tailgate that lowers to yield horizontal space.

Other minor considerations might include the presence of a seatbelt, type of fabric and its removability for easy washing and cleaning.  The price wouldn’t be a bug bother because we haven’t included very expensive wagons in this list.

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